Pen Pal blogger treats Courtesy of Ioana of Fashezine

After absent mindedly posting a comment on Ioana's blog, Fashezine, offering to post her copies of Dazed and Confused that she couldn't track down in her home town, we came up with the idea of becoming pen pal bloggers.

This page will document the inspirational images, treats and foreign fancies sent from Ioana...

Pen Pal blogger treat: Number One

I had been expecting Ioana's parcel in the post for a few days now, what with weekends and bank holidays getting in the way, so when it finally arrived this morning I was nothing but delighted with the contents. Ioana had sent me a couple of her favourite magazines, 'Interview' from her recent trip to New York and her favourite Romanian magazine 'Omagiu' which thankfully has English translations, accompanied by a very cute, handwritten postcard from Ioana. I love seeing different handwriting, there's always so much personality that you just can't imagine through an email.

I have never owned a copy of 'Interview' before, only stared longingly at it's website as it's difficult to get hold of in rural England... So thumbing through it's massive pages was a proper treat, though I always forget just how many adverts there are in American magazines. I was enthralled by the interview with the beautiful Carey Mulligan, inspired by the Bronx Ballerina editorial and fell in love with their photography.

'Omagiu' had me at 'Hello'. With just a lonely, plaited braid of hair on a completely white background on it's front cover, I was hooked. This issue is obsessed with magicians, dissection and witchcraft so it is packed full of beautiful, thought provoking illustrations, art work and fashion. It is definitely a culture and ideas magazine rather than solely fashion which interests me greatly. I could flick through it's pages for hours without getting bored.

I love the smell of proper, chunky magazines, there's something about it, and feeling the paper in your hands, that can never be replicated online and keeps magazines oh so special. I also love getting post for a similar reason, I love looking at stamps, seeing handwriting and opening envelopes. It's also lovely to see things specifically chosen for you, Ioana got it perfectly right, I love both of the magazines!

To see more of Interview online, click here. To see more of Omagiu, which I thoroughly recommend you do, click here.

If you have been inspired by this and want to get involved, find yourself a fellow blogger to be your penpal and get posting! Let us know how you get on if you do... 
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