4 ways you can make the world a little bit better

Since being away from work I've had actual time to think about everything a little bit more and I'm trying to make conscious decisions to make the world a tiny bit better. 

Our impending (now late...) new arrival is making me think about little things I can do to help and share them with you too. These are in no way life changing but the more tiny things we can all do, the bigger the difference will be.

Reduce Plastic Consumption

An easy peasy one that so many of us have already done is to switch to reusable bottles and coffee cups. Not only is it better for the environment, it's cheaper for you too, bottled water is 10,000 times more expensive than tap water and plenty of coffee shops offer a discount if you bring your own reusable cup in. You can get some glorious water bottles too, my favourite water ones are Bobble bottles which filter the water as you drink and BKR which are made from incredibly hard glass with a silicone cover.

Shop local if you can, this will massively reduce your plastic intake as the majority of greengrocers or veggie markets use paper bags. You can also take your own too! If not, just don't use the bags in the supermarket, let your veg roam free!

Victoria's post here has some great tips for recycling plastic as well as how to reduce your plastic consumption, it's well worth a read!

The lovely Gemma also has a thread on twitter on how you can reduce your plastic easily, see it here.

Shop More Consciously

There are easy peasy things you can do while shopping to make more ethical decisions, from choosing items with the Fair Trade logo on or researching your favourite brands ethics. The majority of shops will have details on their website of how they give back, recycle or treat their staff.

Companies are fighting for incredibly important things that we can get involved with and support. Sock Shop are a great example, they recently donated 20,000 pairs of socks to homeless charities in Manchester to help eliminate issues like trench foot which is still a problem! You can find out how you can help here.

The Body Shop is another brand working their magic with their current campaign to ban animal testing, you can read more here.

There are also brands who offer 'One for one' like Toms and Thinx, this is essentially where if you buy something from them, they donate to someone less fortunate.

Give Your Time

There are a few projects I'd love to volunteer for when the baby is a bit older and I hopefully have some free time again...

This is something I saw Lindsey getting involved in and sounds like such a good thing to do to make a massive difference to someone's life. Befriending is something that Help the Aged run where you are matched up with an elderly person where you pop round for a chat or a cup of tea so they have someone to talk to regularly.

There are plenty of local projects to get involved with too. One that's on my list is Smart Works. Based in Manchester it's a charity that help women dress for job interviews by styling them with donated clothes, you can donate clothes to them or donate your time as a stylist. You can find out more about it here.

Donating to your local foodbank is an easy way to make a difference to your local community, most larger supermarkets have a donation point that you can just pop a few things in on your way out of the shop. These are usually buy the tills so have a quick look before you start your shop as there are certain things they are in need of which change week to week. You can also do this online with Ocado but I don't think anywhere else yet. Or if you have time to donate, you can volunteer at your local foodbank which my good friend Mat does regularly as he's a good egg, you can find out more here.

Giving blood is an amazing thing to do if you can too, I'll be going to donate as soon as I can once I get this baby out of me! Plus they treat you to a Club biscuit and a squash after, dream. Find out more here. I'm also registered with Anthony Nolan which is blood cancer charity looking for people to join their register of people who are willing to donate bone marrow to save lives, we will also be donating the blood from our baby's umbilical cord to Anthony Nolan too for their stem cell research program, which you can find out more about here.

Go Veggie

Try switching to being veggie or vegan one day a week (or more if you can!), if enough of us did this not only would it save animals but it would also massively reduce the CO2 emission and water usage. It's a no brainer now that there are so many delicious veggie recipes out there as well as meat alternatives like Quorn and my faves Linda McCartney sausages.


These are all very small things and alone they won't make a huge difference, but if we all do our bit then the difference could be huge. I'd love to hear your suggestions too, leave a comment below!


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