The Joy of Missing Out

The constant, let's be honest, usually self inflicted pressure to maintain our social media channels, keep on top of our overflowing inboxes and find a spare minute to get up to date on the group chat can be pretty bloody overwhelming. Being connected is such a huge part of our lives, it can be hard (ok, kind of impossible) to switch off.

Whether it's our social lives or work, technology means that there is little respite from the world around us and it can make us feel like we're missing out on something, even if we're not 100% sure what it is. It also means that you draw constant comparisons with others which can be mentally draining. I have been so guilty of it this year, I've had serious FOMO thanks to suddenly having to make up excuses about why I can't go to a party because I was too tired during the first trimester or lie about why I wasn't drinking. To be honest, all I did was go to bed early and scroll to see what everyone else in the world was up to.

As a blogger, even though I'm fully aware I'm insignificant in the grand scheme of things, I used to sometimes get pangs of jealousy when I'm not invited to an event or missed off a PR send. I would monitor my following and wonder what I've done to make people unfollow and what I could do to make sure it didn't happen again. I don't think it's a coincidence that so many bloggers and influencers suffer from anxiety, it's bloody well hard to keep on top of things, not pressure yourself and, as we all know, the internet can be a wholly unforgiving place.

But now, I'm full on embracing the joy of missing out.

A couple of months ago I realised none of it actually really matters. I'd rather wait and take the time to reply to someone properly, call them or go out for lunch with them instead of keeping the blue ticks ticking over. Who cares if someone unfollows me on Instagram? I'm happy with what's on my feed. And I'm pretty sure that work email can wait until the morning instead of replying at 11pm while I brush my teeth.

JOMO is about finding what we want to do (or not do) rather than what we feel like we have to do to keep up appearances. Everything feels so important but what is actually important to you?  

Take some time out, have a duvet day, throw your phone in the sea (probably metaphorically not in real life), have a cup of tea or glass of wine and read that book you've been to busy to pick up for the past few months. It will make the world of difference, after all joy is so much better than fear.

If you want to find out more, this article on the NY Times is worth a read. I also have a couple of recent posts on self care that you might be interested in, one about utilising skincare in your self care routine and one about free apps that can help. Let me know what you think about the joy of missing out.


  1. This post definitely really resonated with me and the more I enjoy missing out, the more relaxed I become! x


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