17 Things I've Googled While Pregnant (and the answers)

When you get pregnant for the first time, you're essentially thrown into the unknown. You're chucked head first into a world of nonsense you've probably never thought about and things you didn't even know existed, like what is a bloody Snuzpod?

After nearly 9 months of googling something baby related pretty much every day I thought I'd put together a few of the more questionable ones as a little insight into my antenatal madness. I've also added in the answers just in case some of you are thinking the same, or if you're just interested to know how much boobs grow in pregnancy...
  1. What is the difference between indigestion and heartburn? Apparently they are essentially the same thing but indigestion is the condition whereas heartburn is a symptom of indigestion. Thank goodness for Gaviscon.
  2. Can the baby kick so hard it bruises you? No. Obviously. But something I genuinely googled after a sharp jab to the ribs. Thanks baby.
  3. How can you avoid stretch marks? Stretch marks are hereditary so if your mum got them, you're likely to get them too. You can avoid getting them by not putting on too much weight while you're pregnant and there are a lot of products out there to help the skin stretch. My favourite has been the Mama Mio Tummy Rub Oil, if nothing else it's helped ease the itchy skin when it's been stretching. I've managed to avoid too many stretch marks too thankfully.
  4. Can you drink wine when you're breastfeeding? Yes, hoorah! Obviously not a lot though as it could venture into your milk but one or two won't hurt, the NHS has a good guide here. Someone on Instagram said 'if you can drive, you can breastfeed' so I'm taking that.
  5. What do babies actually wear? Loads apparently. Nappy, pants, vest bodysuit and then clothes on top. Then they poo on everything anyway and you have to change them. The rule seems to be is one extra layer to what you're wearing as they're still building up fat when they're little.
  6. Are pregnancy yoga retreats a thing? Yes! My friend Rosie and I wanted to go away for a pregnancy holiday and thought a yoga retreat would be lovely, we found Asturias Yoga and booked. It's near Bilbao in Spain set in converted farm building in the mountains, it was beautiful and such a great way to relax into our pregnancies. There are UK versions too if you don't fancy going abroad.
  7. How much weight am I likely to put on? Around 25-35lb (1.8-2.5 stone) is perfectly normal but it changes for every woman, some women even lose weight!
  8. Can you get morning sickness in the third trimester? Yep. Some women have it constantly throughout their whole pregnancy, some just have it for the first 12 weeks and some it pops up later on. Just one of the joys of pregnancy.
  9. What is a baby event? At first I thought this sounded like a fun baby party but it's actually just a week where a supermarket has offers on baby things. Aldi's starts tomorrow and there's some pretty good things in there (details here), they generally rotate around the supermarkets so you can find one on at most times. Places like Mamas and Papas and Mothercare have them too, it's usually worth waiting for these to get a discount on bigger items, we did this with our pram and car seat etc.
  10. Exactly how big are my boobs going to get? Apparently you put on 1.5kg per boob. PER BOOB. I've already gone from a 32E to a 32H so I'm really looking forward to the milk coming in properly...
  11. How late into pregnancy can you fly? It differs by airline but the majority are up to 36 weeks, after 28 it's recommended to get a 'Fit to Fly' letter from your midwife just in case the airline wants to be careful but I never had to show mine on any flights while I've been pregnant.
  12. What do I need to take in my hospital bag? So. Many. Things. I'm treating it as if I'm packing for a festival but with some pretty serious incontinence issues. The Bounty checklist is pretty good but I also like more personal ones like Hannah Gale's hospital bag post.
  13. Where do contractions actually hurt? This intrigued me for so long! I asked a few people too and the resounding answer is mostly in your back but can be anywhere from under your boobs to your groin, apparently it feels like intense period pain but is different for everyone.
  14. What is Mumsnet? Don't bother finding out, it's a very silly place.
  15. Why is my bump tingly? I'm pretty sure being pregnant is the only time you can google a symptom and it tell you it's completely normal rather than you having two weeks to live. The tingles was just the skin and nerves stretching, totally normal.
  16. Why are pushchairs SO bloody expensive? Literally no idea still. Some are as expensive as a second hand car. I can only assume you're paying for the brand on a lot of them, we ended up going for a Mamas and Papas own brand bundle which worked out a bit less ridiculous.
  17. What are the best adult nappies? Ending on a glamorous one, but these are the most recommended things by new mums for post birth fun. Tena Lady seem to be the best reviewed and people have also recommended covering pads with aloe vera gel and freezing them for soothing afterwards. I CAN'T WAIT.
I could carry on for another hundred or so stupid questions but we'll leave it there! I'm pretty certain I'm going to be googling ALL of the things after our baby arrives too, wish us luck...


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