10 Bobbi Brown Essentials (for the busy/lazy girl)

I'm not sure if it's something that anyone else does (let me know if it is!) but I have different timings and effort levels for make up depending on what I've got on that day. Not leaving the house? 2 minutes worth of make up. Heading out for the day for a walk and lunch with Joe? 10 minutes of make up. Actually going out out for once? Hell, let's spend an hour faffing about.

The majority of my make up bag is made up of Bobbi Brown products because they are so easy to use, compact and generally can be multi purpose, perfect for the busy or lazy girl in us! I spent an afternoon with them earlier this summer to learn about the products that their experts can't live without, and now, my make up routine can't function without. There were some products we tried on the day that I'd never used before and now use every single day so I wanted to highlight my favourites (and my not so favourite) to hopefully help speed up your daily make up routine.

Smokey Eye Mascara

This is hands down my favourite mascara at the moment, it's one that I've bought and re-bought several times over. It adds instant volume to lashes and builds so after a couple of coats, your lashes are perfectly defined. It's a pretty small tube too so fits really easily into a travel make up bag or handbag, perfect.

Instant Full Coverage Concealer

I'll be honest, I'm usually a Glossier Stretch Concealer kind of girl but I turn to the Bobbi Brown Instant Full Coverage concealer on those days that I need a bit of extra coverage or if I'm venturing out out. It is amazing coverage but because I have quite a few fine lines around my eyes, I feel like it accentuates them so usually blend it with a bit of eye cream to soften it up.

Long Wear Cream Eyeshadow Stick

I LOVE this product. I'm building up quite the collection of these but the Truffle and Dusty Mauve in the photo above are my favourites, I like to cover my eyelid with Dusty Mauve and use Truffle for a gold highlight on the inner corner, then blend with my finger tip. I find these colours really work with my green eyes. It is a really long lasting cream shadow stick, great for travel and when you want a quick swipe of colour without too much hassle. For a 2 minute make up day I'll just put a little of one of these colours on, then the smokey eye mascara and my eyes are sorted.

Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil

This is a product I'd not tried before we spent the afternoon with the Bobbi Brown experts but it's now something I use every day. It's a double ended product with a spooly on one side to brush and separate your brows then an angled brow pencil on the other side. It's so easy to use, the flat edge is to draw in the bulk of the brow and the pointed edge is great for defining. I wear the shade Saddle.

Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF15

I am usually an Estee Lauder Double Wear addict but over the bloody heatwave I wanted something a bit lighter but with good coverage, enter the Long-Wear Weightless Foundation! The coverage isn't quite as good as Double Wear but it's still pretty full coverage, it has a really creamy texture and feels incredibly lightweight on the skin. It also SPF 15 so great for an extra barrier over your everyday SPF.


Bobbi Brown brushes are pretty fab, these two are my current favourites. The Full Coverage touch up brush is ideal for applying concealer, it leaves a really high level of coverage and is such an easy, quick application which is usually what I need. I usually use a beauty blender instead of a foundation brush but I've recently converted to the Full Coverage face brush, it works really well with the Weightless Foundation and leaves a great level of coverage with no streaks which is why I don't like using normal foundation brushes.

Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks

I tend to steer clear of cream blush but this delight of a product is lip and cheeks in one so I thought I'd give it a try, I'm all about the multi purpose time saving products after all! I apply this before the foundation has completely dried so it's easy to blend in and I absolutely love the effect, it's subtle but gives an instant flush of colour to the cheeks. It also looks great on lips and the cream texture means it feels like more of a balm than a lipstick which I am here for.

Foundation Stick 

Now onto the products that haven't made it into my day to day routine starting with the foundation stick. I feel like this is an unnecessary step (unless I'm in need of super full coverage of course) for a daily routine. If I had picked this up in a darker shade it would be ideal for contouring though so maybe I'll have to experiment with other shades.

Luxe Lip Colour

The consistency of this lipstick is lovely, it's very moisturising and creamy but the finish doesn't seem to suit me for some reason. I do use it regularly dotted on over lip balm for a bit of a flush of colour but rarely wear it on it's own, it's one I'll probably wear in autumn though as the shade is perfect for that!

Vitamin Enriched Face Base

This is a super rich primer to use after moisturiser and before make up but to be honest, I prefer a lighter primer, this is just a bit too heavy for me and leaves my skin a bit too dewy in summer. It will come into it's own in winter when my skin is starved of moisture. It's also VERY expensive for a primer at £43 so it's not something I'd buy again.

These products are all part of the Bobbi Brown #cantlivewithout campaign, but if I had to pick three from the list for the products I'd pick, it would be the Smokey Eye Mascara, Eyeshadow Stick and Brow Pencil, they are definitely hero products for me that make a daily appearance on my face!

Just so you know, some of the products featured in this post were a gift from Bobbi Brown after attending an afternoon tutorial with their make up artists.


  1. Bobbi Brown of one of those brands I always spot in the beauty hall and would like to try but I have no knowledge or comparison on their products to even know where to start! Defo need to check out the weightless foundation!

    Ruth / www.ruth-writes.co.uk


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