Jeans and a Nice Top: Maternity Edition

The elusive outfit: jeans and a nice top. It's pretty hard to find the perfect combination and even more so when you're pregnant AND we're in the middle of a heatwave! I've put together a bit of a style guide for fellow preggos looking for a simple outfit to throw on, feel confident in and be able to dress up or down as it suits you.

Jeans and a top (sometime a nice one, most of the time a plain t-shirt) has been my go to outfit during pregnancy and it has taken quite a lot of research to find some good 'uns! Add trainers or sandals for a relaxed look or block heels and statement earrings for a night out, easy peasy.

Everything featured in this post is pretty affordable too with nothing over £50, I've not wanted to invest too much money in my maternity wardrobe as it's temporary. I'm sure plenty of others will feel the same so I've kept it affordable!

The Nice Top

It's bizarrely hard to find nice maternity tops, there are a huge amount of plain t-shirts, striped tops and overly mumsy tops out there, but very few that I'd actually wear if I wasn't pregnant. ASOS has been my go to place for a quick fashion fix (ASOS Premier is my best friend), they have a solid selection of basics and more trend led pieces but I'm starting to run out of options so have been looking on other sites.

The green top I'm wearing in this post is a recent addition to my wardrobe and an easy one to wear, I wore this outfit for lunch with Joe's family last weekend and it was so comfortable and cool thanks to the floatiness. If I was to buy it again I'd probably size up as my boobs have gone wild and refuse to be contained but because it's a wrap top, it's easy to adjust as your belly gets bigger.



The Jeans

Jeans were actually really easy to find thankfully, I bought a couple of pairs at the start of my pregnancy and am still wearing them 7 months in.

I'm wearing the Topshop Maternity Jamie Jeans in the photos in this post, they're under the bump so good for wearing before your bump pops out and throughout, also better in warmer weather as you don't have another layer on your bump. Weirdly I bought the black ones in the exact same size at the same time and I've barely worn them because they fall down CONSTANTLY. Not a good look so I've popped the over the bump versions in the below.


I found that majority of maternity jeans are skinny oddly, but I bought the boyfriend fit jeans on the left from ASOS when I was about 6 weeks pregnant (so unnecessary at that stage but I was excited and they were in the sale!), they didn't fit properly until around 12 weeks but since then I've been wearing them regularly. They are SO comfy and never fall down, they're ideal for travelling and because they're quite loose, they're great for summer evenings.

What I'm wearing: Top - ASOS, Jeans - Topshop, Shoes - Clarks (not online!), Lipstick - MAC Retro Matte in Dangerous

With the heatwave at the moment bras have been a bit of a nightmare so I wanted to mention a couple of good ones I've found that would work well with some of the camisoles I've included in this post.  bought this bandeau bra from ASOS before we went on holiday and it was ideal, so comfy and no digging in. It also has detachable straps so it's perfect for camis and bardot tops, the support isn't amazing but it's enough to keep your tatas under control.

Now that my boobs are going a bit more wild, I'm opting for the M&S soft padded t-shirt bra which doesn't have an underwire and also has quite thin straps so is fine to wear under camis. It only goes up to an E though so I'm pushing it at the moment!

I'll keep this post updated during summer with any other bits and bobs I find so keep checking back if you're interested. This post also includes a few affiliate links for clarity, it won't cost you anything extra if you click through and I'll get a little bit of a commission.


  1. I'm 16 weeks pregnant at the moment & am only just starting to get a little bump, but have found SO many of my clothes not fitting already. Or they fit till mid afternoon when I bloat & then I have to swap for something more elasticated. Haha. I've found it really difficult finding nice maternity wear though, like you say there's loads of plain basic tops, but when it comes to something a bit snazzier, there's not much choice at all. This green top however I like! I may have to copy! It looks super roomy too, like it'd do you the full way through pregnancy.
    Love reading your pregnancy posts :-)
    Claire. X


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