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Is Skincare the new Self-care?

Over the past year, slowly but surely, my skincare routine has almost quadrupled in length and the amount of products I use regularly has doubled. My dressing table is essentially a shelf of a French pharmacy and I am 100% here for it.

I’ve always been into skincare, constantly trying different products and experimenting to see what suits my rather temperamental skin, but recently it has developed into an essential part of my day. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that during this time yoga and meditation have also creeped into my life, skincare has become a vital part of my self-care routine.

Taking the time to regularly indulge in a skincare routine can be as relaxing as a meditation or yoga session. Taking even 10 minutes to focus on yourself and your skincare allows you time to reflect, relax and mentally prepare you for the day ahead or wind down before bed.

We are all so crazy busy in our lives that we rarely get time to ourselves, taking just 10 minutes for a little self care in the form of a skincare routine can really help. You also don’t need to invest in expensive products for this, it’s more the action of taking time that’s important so you’ll get the same results with soap and water as you will with a super fancy cream!

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Personally this year has been a huge point of change in my life that has obviously affected my mind, skin and body. Coming off the pill, becoming pregnant and the stress of preparing to leave work for a considerable amount of time (still not 100% sure how I feel about that!) has meant that I have subconsciously adopted coping mechanisms to help me to relax and feel in control.

My basic skincare routine remains pretty much the same with a cream cleanser and a Foreo for 2-3 minutes in the shower first thing in the morning followed by micellar water, eye cream and moisturiser then micellar water, eye cream and moisturiser before bed. But I have added multiple steps in both my morning and evening routines slowly but surely over the course of the past year.

My morning routine hasn’t changed too much as every extra minute of sleep is precious in the morning. I’ve just added in a few steps that give me a few more minutes to wake up and prepare myself for the day with a serum, neck moisturiser and face SPF.

My evening routine is the one where I can really go to town depending on how I’m feeling, some days all I need is a quick micellar water, eye cream and moisturiser but other nights I need a full on bath with candles, face mask, multiple serums, creams and potions to get myself ready to sleep.

Bodycare has also been a huge part of my routine this year, mostly down to my irrational fear of stretch marks (I’m still stretch mark free 34 weeks in!) and the genuine need to relax my muscles to avoid backache. I use a dry body brush for a few minutes every morning before I shower focusing on my legs (I also have a rational fear of varicose veins) and bump to get the blood moving around my body first thing. Followed by using a moisturising shower gel then cocoa butter or stretch mark cream.

Around every other evening I have a bath for about an hour, sometimes with relaxing bath oil or Epsom salts depending on how my body is feeling at the time, then I slather myself with cocoa butter again before getting in bed.

Sleep has been a bit of a problem for me this year (100% my body preparing me for years of not sleeping, thx) so I’ve found keeping to a regular routine that gets my brain ready to sleep has been really valuable. Some days my skincare routine can be done and dusted in 15 minutes but if I’m feeling particularly stressed or wired after a long day of work, I extend it to an hour and include a bath and face mask combo.


3 tips for making your skincare routine more focused on self-care

  1. Take your time. You don’t need to add any more products to your routine, just take an extra few minutes and try something like a massage technique or jade roller when you moisturise. This will help to improve the blood flow around your face which will improve your skin as well as giving you a little more time to reflect.

  2.  Find your own space. Whether you lock yourself in the bathroom or take yourself to bed a little bit earlier so you can have some you time, get 10 minutes to yourself without distraction while you run through your skincare routine. Leave your phone in another room too so it isn’t a distraction or pop it on airplane mode and put a podcast on.

  3. Make it routine. Instead of fitting it in when you can, make it part of your routine like brushing your teeth or showering, this will make it a trigger for your body so it knows it’s a step towards waking up or getting ready for sleep. The regular routine will really help to relax you.

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  1. I loved reading this post - so true that a long soak in the bath and lathering yourself in your favourite skincare/bodycare products can do you the world of good!

    Ruth //


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