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A Little Pregnancy Survival Guide

There's less than 50 days to go until I have to pop out a human so I'm distracting myself by writing about it rather than actually thinking about it, totally sensible right? I've had some amazing advice from friends and family during my pregnancy so I thought I'd share a few things that I've discovered or have helped me survive through 33 weeks of growing a person, in case they could help you too or if you're just intrigued about the bonkers magical time of pregnancy.


I’ve been using two different bump creams religiously every day, the Elifexir Anti-Stretch Marks cream in the morning and the Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter before I go to bed. I got this in this Sleep Easy set that was a gift from work and it's such a good little set, every product is amazing! I’ve so far managed to avoid stretch marks and itchy skin so I’d definitely recommend both of them. For my boobs I’ve been using the Mama Mio boob tube. I’ve also been trying out a Cowshed moisturiser on my face and relaxing body moisturiser on my legs and arms, which smells SO good.

I haven’t changed up my skincare routine too much since the beginning on my pregnancy but I have added in a couple of extra steps with the Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum and the Filorga fluid, both have been amazing for keeping my skin clear, glowy and hydrated.

Thankfully I’ve been really lucky with my hair and haven’t changed a huge amount, I did switch to a Pantene repair conditioner that I leave in for 3-5 minutes which has kept it looking really healthy and with no split ends in sight. I wash my hair first in the shower and then let the conditioner soak in while I sort my life out.

I am now also completely incapable of waxing myself so I’ve been getting regular bikini waxes to keep everything in check (your body and head hair goes WILD when you’re pregnant FYI). Shaving my legs has started to get a bit annoying too so I think a leg wax is in order very soon to avoid that too! I usually go to the Brazilian Waxing Company as they are fab but you can find plenty of options in Manchester on Groupon.


Sleep is something I struggled with from the day we found out I was pregnant, at the beginning from sheer excitement and anxiety then pretty quickly into backache that woke me up every night around 3am. It's pretty much my favourite hobby so I was absolutely fuming.

Whatever time of year you fall pregnant you will experience a few different seasons, but sometimes like me, you’ll end up being heavily pregnant during the hottest months of the year. An £11 fan (this one to be precise) has been my best purchase of the summer so far, I’ve been carrying it around the house like it’s a pet and have had it on my bedside table during the night. We do have a giant fan too but the noise kept Joe awake so that had to go, he has since bought us a portable air con unit which is arriving soon so I’ll report back on that!

Creating a comfortable sleep environment is so important, you might get lucky and not struggle to sleep at all but I’ve found a combination of different pillows to keep my body and back supported works a treat, it did take a couple of months of trial and error to find the perfect combination though. A v shaped pillow has been one of my favourite pregnancy purchases, and it will double up as a nursing pillow after the baby is born too, handy. I got this one from John Lewis and it has been so comfy and is pretty affordable compared to the fancier ones.

I also swear by the This Works Deep sleep pillow spray, this is great whether you’re pregnant or not to be honest. I’m not 100% sure how it works but it’s a bit magic. You can get a small sample for free when you spend £30 on lookfantastic at the moment so if you need to stock up on beauty bits, choose that at the basket to try out! They also have free next day delivery on all orders at the moment.


It’s so easy and simple but drinking plenty of water has really helped especially in the heat, it does mean that you have to go to the bathroom all the time but it’s worth it. The thirst has been real while I’ve been pregnant so I’ve invested in a few water bottles to keep me topped up, I have a Bobble bottle on my desk, a BKR bottle in the car and a mini bottle I got free with my Caudalie order that fits perfectly in my handbag.

Glamorous but I always have a stash of panty liners ready to go at all times, you get quite a bit of discharge when you’re preggo so they’re ideal for making sure you feel fresh. I like the Always Dailies as they’re tiny, breathable and discreet but there’s so many different ones to choose from.

I've been pretty lucky and haven't had too much heartburn but it's definitely worth keeping Rennies on hand just in case, chewing gum also really helps to reduce it!

I took vitamins religiously at the beginning of the pregnancy but to be honest I’ve been pretty slack for the past few weeks because I feel like everything’s ok now (finally!) but I’ve started taking them again for the last stretch! I’ve been using Pregnacare multivitamins which seem to have done the job.

Your immune system is pretty shot to pieces when you’re preggo so I’ve always got a bit of a germ kit with me which is essentially just tissues and hand sanitiser which I use almost constantly, I also have a stash of antibacterial wipes under my desk at work to make sure my workspace is clean because the office is FULL of germs. I got a multipack of hand sanitiser from Amazon (these ones) at the beginning of my pregnancy and I’ve pretty much gone through them all!


Since we had our bathroom renovated a couple of months ago, a bath has been my absolute favourite way to relax. I have a proper little set up going on with Youtube on my laptop (far enough away to not be a hazard, don’t worry!), all the bubble bath and exfoliation.

I’ve recently started adding half a cup of Epsom Salts to my bath to help relax my leg muscles which has been helping too though I have found myself feeling pretty dehydrated afterwards so I make sure to have an ice cold water with me in the bath too. The Cowshed sleepy cow bath salts are lovely too, I use them when I need to properly relax.

I also love using a face mask to give my skin a proper treat, I’ve been using the Vichy Double Glow Peel mask (5 minutes is more than enough for this one!) when I need a radiance boost and the La Roche Posay face mask when I need a purifying boost.


Style is a tricky one because your body changes so much, my body looks different today than it did yesterday to be honest.

ASOS premier has been my best friend because it’s so easy to order, return and try on at home. Getting hot and bothered in a changing room at the Trafford Centre is NOT the one. I've also been treating myself to accessories like jazzy earrings because they're thankfully always going to fit and can make a simple outfit look like I've made an effort.

Loungewear has been the most annoying thing to find, I used to wear leggings and a t-shirt at home but leggings are not very pregnancy or heatwave friendly so I invested in a couple of relaxed fit jumpsuits from ASOS (this one and this one) which I cannot recommend enough, I'm wearing the green one as I write this!

Topshop and H&M also have good maternity ranges, you can see my pregnancy fashion posts here.

If you have any more tips, please leave them in the comments below so they can help me and other people!

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