Tweet Eats: 19 Cafe Bar, Manchester

Manchester is good at a lot of things, brunch is definitely one of them. The city is full of cafes and restaurants with an incredible brunch offering, from the fluffiest pancakes you've ever seen at Evelyn's to the biggest pile of avocado toast at Trof.

A few weeks ago my friend Naomi and I were invited to try out the brunch menu at 19 Cafe Bar. An independent coffee shop on the edge of the Northern Quarter that serves coffee (obv), brunch, lunch, cakes and cocktails, 19 Cafe Bar has all of the goodness on offer.

19 Cafe Bar has a very cute interior with bare brick effect walls, wooden counters, vintage chairs, blackboards and comfy armchairs dotted around creating little areas for coffees, catch ups and meetings. It's a versatile place and we spotted quite a few different types of people in there from business meetings to dates, and to us, a pre Taylor Swift brunch!

Neither of us like tea or coffee so we didn't sample the hot drinks I'm afraid but I hear they're good if you like that kind of thing.

Naomi and I usually polish off a bottle of prosecco (or three...) over lunch but due to me being somewhat heavily pregnant and us having a busy afternoon ahead of us, we swerved the prosecco. I went for the Fentimans Wild Elderflower which was delish and Naomi had a Bloody Mary which she assures me was really good.

I was a badly behaved blogger and instead of ordering something photogenic like the funfetti pancake stack (this is a real life thing on the menu btw!), I had to listen to my belly and go for something the baby wanted which was a rather uninspiring full english minus a few things because I'm picky. Despite it not looking particularly Instagram friendly, it was SO what I wanted at that moment in time. It filled me up a treat and everything was delicious, the bacon and black pudding deserve a special mention as they were so good.

Thankfully Naomi has better taste and went for the Bacon Open Bagel with smashed avocado, cream cheese and topped with poached eggs. She should really be the blogger, not me! She really enjoyed it and thought the cream cheese under the smashed avocado worked really well. I'm going to have to go back to try it another time.

For more info and to take a look at their menu, visit their site here. 19 Cafe Bar can be found at 19 Lever Street on the edge of the Northern Quarter, it's well worth a visit and we'll definitely be back again soon.


  1. That full english looks pretty darn good though!

  2. This place looks so cute! The dishes are photogenic enough for me cause they're making me hungry haha! Currently scrolling through all your Manchester foodie tips and I'm seriously considering making it my next city trip!


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