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The Second Trimester: My Experience

Somehow the second trimester seems to have flown by and we're already into our third, it feels like it has gone SO quickly! In that time our little babe has grown from the size of a lemon to the size of a lettuce, I'm trying not to think about the impending watermelon...

Before it gets ahead of me and I have an 18 year old on my hands, I thought I'd write down a few things about how I've felt in the second trimester as well as a few tips for any expectant mamas heading into the second trimester at the moment.

How I've been feeling

The second trimester for me has been pretty lovely to be honest, it's gone really quickly and we haven't really had any complications save for a couple of trips to the hospital (more on that further down). I've had my energy back and have really enjoyed seeing the bump grow and not just looking like I've had a massive lunch! Thankfully I haven't had too much to complain about, there's been a few emotional days (soz Joe) and a few headaches but that's going to happen when your body is about 95% hormones.

I've been sleeping a lot better too as my back ache has eased thankfully, I've found the optimum pillow amount (5 btw) for me to build a back supporting nest. It also means I'm comfortable sleeping on my side which is recommended for this stage of pregnancy.

I've been doing aqua natal and yoga when I can too which is really helping to stretch us out and get the blood moving around. I also really enjoy having an exercise at home to bounce around on and do hip exercises on, it helps a lot! I'm off on a pregnancy yoga retreat in Spain this coming weekend with a fellow preggo friend and I can't wait to focus on being pregnant for a few days instead of real life.

The Exciting Bits

The 20 weeks scan was so exciting, we got to see our baby actually looking like a cute little baby for the first time ever! We didn't go for a 3D scan because they freak me out a little bit so stuck to the normal 20 weeks scan you get, they measure and check everything in this scan to make sure it's growing at the right rate and there aren't any problems. Thankfully ours was nice and smooth (with a brief trip in the middle to down a bottle of Lucozade to get them moving around so they could check the heart properly), and it's growing right on track for our due date on the 30th of August!

Our due date is a funny one, if we're a day late then it makes a whole school year difference. The original due date was the 5th of September, we thought we'd nailed it for the oldest kid in the year at school but they were growing more quickly than we expected so we moved forward to the 30th of August, so it'll be fun!

We also found out whether we were having a boy or a girl too! We're not shouting about it on the internet though just in case, plus it's nice to have something for us that we can share with people in real life.

The Scary Bits

The second trimester has generally been fine but in the past couple of weeks we've had to nip to the hospital a couple of times. We've got into a pretty good movement routine now with a very wriggly baby most of the time, but one day, I hadn't felt any movement by the time we got to work and only felt a few flutters throughout the day so I called the midwife around lunch time to double check, they advised for us to go to the hospital for a check up as soon as possible. We headed to the hospital in the afternoon and they took us straight through for a scan which instantly put our minds at ease by seeing a little heartbeat, I then got hooked up to an ECG machine to monitor the heart rate and movement for about 45 mins. The babe obviously woke up around now and kicked almost constantly throughout making me look like a liar... The NHS staff were so amazing and made us feel at ease as soon as we walked in despite us both obviously being rather worried.

I also managed to get gastroenteritis a couple of weekends ago which was really delightful. I rang NHS 111 and they advised to go to A&E and tried to send an ambulance but I got Joe to take me instead because I didn't need that level of drama at the time! We spent quite a few hours in A&E having tests and generally being very, very ill until they put me in a drip along with some anti sickness medication at about 1am which rehydrated me so well, I managed to stop vomiting and was able to go home. I spent a couple of days at home feeling like a zombie and getting my strength back before heading back to the office.

Planning the Nursery and Shopping

So, I'll be honest, we still have not bought a sock yet. We probably should have done by now but we've just been so busy recently with work, holidays and house renovations so we are running a little behind. But I think we've finally found a cot, changing table and a pram though so we're making progress!

The nursery is still full of boxes that need to go into the loft though so wish us luck...


Fashion and Style

I did struggle with my body changing at the beginning of the second trimester, it's so strange to see things change so quickly and because I didn't have an obvious bump for a while, I just looked frumpy in everything I put on.

Now thankfully the bump has popped out and I've got a good little capsule wardrobe of summer friendly clothes that actually fit. I have a few pairs of jeans that fit well (from Topshop and ASOS) as well as camisoles and t-shirts (also ASOS) and quite a few dresses, mostly sized up rather than specific maternity dresses.

In the photos for this post I just got Joe to snap some outfit photos from when we went out for dinner recently, I'm wearing an ASOS White top and an old Zara tube skirt, neither of which are maternity but work well with the bump (and the inevitable pasta bloat). I'm also embracing jewellery and accessories at the moment as I'm not going to ever grow out of them! I am in love with my new Lujia North East earrings from Sacet, they're so beautiful and were only £49 for gold plated earrings. I'm sure you'll be seeing these again soon.

A few tips for expectant mamas

The NHS are amazing and they do not mind how many times you call or pop in to check on something, no worry is too small as it could be serious so don't leave anything too long if you're worried.

Being pregnant is interesting and hormones do funny things to you one of which being that your hair grows very quickly, not just on your head either... So I book in for regular waxes to keep everything in control, but you might want to go au naturel!

Other things to keep handy are...
  • Always Dailies (other brands are available obv, they're just my faves!).
  • Water as dehydration strikes constantly.
  • Lip balm to keep your lips from drying out.
  • Snacks because you never know when you might need an energy boost (especially when they're having a growth spurt).
  • If you're staying away from home, you might want to take your own pillow or check that they have plenty to build your nest with.
  • Pregnancy vitamins, it's worth taking these throughout (as well as pregnancy safe Omega 3 and Iron if you can) to keep your energy levels up.
  • Moisturiser, I love Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter, it smells and feels amazing and reduces the stretchy tightness feeling. It's also supposed to reduce the risk of stretch marks which I am very on board with, I don't have any yet and I use it religiously!
Let me know if you have any tips for other expectant mamas in the comments below or if you have any for me for the third trimester, eek!

To travel back in time to see how the first trimester was for me, click here.

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