Our Houseplants: A Tour

I am a self confessed crazy plant lady. There's something about greenery that calls to me, which in turn makes me pillage B&Q and fill our house with plants... I'm not sure Joe is as keen as I am but that's totally fine.

Inspired by Emma Hill's recent home tour and houseplant Instagram story tour, I've put together a few snaps of the plants in our house to give you a bit of an insight into our leafy friends.

Our living room has the highest concentration of plant life, I've covered pretty much every available surface including the mantlepiece, fireplace and the bay window. 

One of my first plant investments was our little Fiddle Leaf Fig that lives near the record player in the bay window. I got him from Geo Fleur a few years ago but sadly he suffered a bit of trauma during the house so lost quite a lot of leaves from the bottom half, he's doing better now though thankfully and starting to bulk up! We also have a Dragon Tree that lives on the other side of the bay window, he never really changes much, just happily lives in the corner. The dragon tree lives in a brass plant pot from H&M home and the Fig tree is in a big terracotta pot from B&Q as he needed to grow.

On the mantelpiece we have a String of Hearts which I absolutely love, they are just so cute! It is in a black and brass plant pot from H&M home. We also have a few mini cacti which I got in a Geo Fleur lucky dip box which need better pots to live in as they're still in the plastic ones they arrived in.

On the hearth in front of the fireplace we have another spindly Dragon Tree that Joe had in his house when I moved in so I've been looking after it ever since. On the other side of the fireplace we have a glorious Monstera plant I picked up from Arighi Bianchi, it's in a simple white plant pot from B&Q.

The kitchen is the next plant hub in the house, pretty much all centred around the window to connect the outside with the inside. I really love this part of the house and it always makes me want to wash up which is a good thing!

We have a couple of aloe plants (a Zebra one and a normal one), a Rosemary plant (which has pretty much perished to be honest...), a mini Orange Tree, an Elephant's Ear and a very cute Peperomia (or coin leaf plant) which I'd wanted for ages! The majority of these are from IKEA and the pots are from H&M Home and IKEA.

The bathroom is the room we've finished most recently so of course it had to have a new plant addition! We already had the Leopard Lily in there but I wanted something a bit more extra so I picked up a Butterfly Palm from B&Q. I love how it looks and it brings the bathroom to life.

I'll be perfectly honest, I have no idea what this giant plant is in the dining room! Do let me know if you do. We adopted him from our friend Laura after he outgrew her flat and needed more space to expand. We named him Bill (Withers as he was a bit sad looking when he arrived) and he lives next to Margot the owl in the dining room. I really enjoy him.

The bedroom is pretty devoid of plants bizarrely, though the walls are green so perhaps I had enough green in there to fulfill me. I have a Snake Plant (or Mother in Law's Tongue) on my bedside table, it has grown so much in the last year or so, I can't wait for it to get giant!

And that's it so far! There will be more plant additions I'm sure but for now, I'm satisfied. The next thing on my list is a giant cactus but I'm not sure if that's the right decision for a new baby... I hope you enjoyed the little tour and my plant ramblings.


  1. So many pretty plants! I just got a monstera and a fern this weekend which I'm loooving! x


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