Life Lately: Spring Update

It's been a few months since my last Life Lately update so I thought it was about to time for another one! We've just got back from holiday and have spent pretty much the whole day sorting the house and ourselves out ready for real life. Think trips to the tip, sorting out all of our clothes, all of the wash loads, cleaning and storing things in the loft. Basically all of the glam, fun things in life...

I'm working on making sure Tweet is updated more regularly too, at least once a week as I really want to make the time for it more in my busy schedule, I've been blogging for 11 years now and I'm not about to let life get in the way of it!


Let's start with our holiday as I wish we were still there! We went on a little babymoon to Avignon in the south of France for a few days to meet our friends Kyle and Evan who were over from Seattle travelling around (and Sari who flew over from Dublin), then Joe and I headed to Deia in Mallorca for four days of relaxation. It was our last little hoorah for a while as the next time we go away together, it's likely we'll have a small human with us and we've heard it might not be quite the same relaxing experience we're used to...

We had the loveliest, most relaxing time away and it was fab to see friends as well as having time just the two of us. I have a couple of blog posts up my sleeve so keep an eye out for them if you're interested in Avignon, Mallorca or what a preggo woman wears on holiday! You can see quite a few photos from our trip over on my Instagram here.

I have another trip planned in next month, my fellow preggo friend Rosie (who is due the day before me) and I are heading over to a pregnancy yoga retreat near Bilbao and I cannot wait! It's only a few days but we practice yoga in the mountains, meditate, eat well and learn about general pregnancy things, sounds exactly what we need! By then I'll be a few weeks away from not being allowed to fly so it'll be my last overseas trip for a while, sob.


Our new kitchen is now fully up and running, we absolutely love it and couldn't be happier with it. Your can see my post about the renovation here. It's made us want to spend more time in the kitchen, take more time preparing meals and eating more healthily. My body has been craving all of the fruit and vegetables so I've been trying to eat as much goodness as possible, I've stocked up on avocados, tomatoes, salad, strawberries and root veg to keep me stocked up with vitamins this week.

We've not even been back from holiday for a full day yet and we're getting started on our next renovation, the bathroom. Work begins this week and I cannot wait to have a proper bathroom!

The bathroom looked absolutely fine when we bought the house, we loved the subway tiles, original wooden flooring and the grey walls. But once water started leaking through into the kitchen, we quickly realised something wasn't quite right... The guy who lived here before essentially had good taste but did everything himself (badly) including the tiling. The water from the shower had leaked through the dodgy grouting and, without us realising, ruined the wall behind and the floor below, joy.

We're not doing a full bathroom renovation as we're keeping the toilet and sink the same, but we're having to remove and redo all the tiling, replace the bath, upgrade the shower and have water tight flooring put down. All I want is to have a bath without the threat of falling through into the kitchen, that's not too much to ask right? I'll post a before and after post when it's all finished too.

After this project the house is pretty much sorted and ready for a family of three! Well, after we've done the nursery of course.

The Bump

The bump is now definitely a bump! It's grown quite rapidly over the past few weeks and I now definitely look pregnant rather than having just had a big lunch which is nice. This is one of the latest bump shots from our last evening on holiday, I'm wearing a River Island dress which isn't maternity but fits like a dream. The white is out of stock, but it's still available in black here.

I'm now 24 weeks pregnant which means our baby is 'viable' and now counts as a human. It's pretty much fully formed and could survive if I suddenly went into labour which is crazy to think about. Hopefully they sit tight for a few more months though! It has become so active over the past week and have been kicking like mad, they seem to really like bread and sweet things as I get a lot of wriggles after eating them. A carb loving babe after my own heart. 

The growing bump has meant investing in quite a lot of new clothes that will see me through the pregnancy which has been pretty pricey as you'd imagine, maternity clothes are not super cheap I've learned. I've done a lot of shopping on ASOS and sized up in places like Next to make sure I have a solid summer wardrobe ready to go.


Work has been manic over the past month or so. I got a promotion to Global Head of Brand and Communications for Myprotein about 5 weeks ago which is very exciting as we're working on some amazing projects at the moment.

It's meant that the past 5 weeks have absolutely flown by in a flurry of meetings, planning sessions, sorting out the team and working on projects.

We're down in London for a few days this week for something exciting and I can't wait! I am going to be absolutely knackered by the end of it though I'm sure so I'm going to make sure to take it as easy as possible while I'm there.

I also have my date for starting maternity leave which is rather exciting, I leave on the 27th of July which is my 7 year anniversary of working at The Hut Group. I honestly have no idea how 7 years have passed that quickly! I'm not due until the 30th of August but I wanted to take an extra couple of weeks of holiday beforehand so I can sort the nursery and the final bits of the house then, leaving me able to fully concentrate on work while I'm still there.

Pomme Pomme has had to take a bit of a back seat with work, holiday and house renovation but once the bathroom is done and dusted at the end of this week, I can concentrate on it more.


And that's me all up to date. It's been quite a busy spring so far and summer shows no signs of slowing down, even when I'm going to be on maternity leave it's going to be full on nesting time. Wish me luck!


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