Sunday, 27 May 2018

Easy Peasy DIY Painted Storage Jars Tutorial

Do you ever just get the feeling you want to have a bit of a creative afternoon? Every now and then my A level art pops back into my head and inspires me to get a little bit crafty. I'm not painting the next Mona Lisa or anything but just a few daubs of paint satisfies my cravings.

This weekend while Joe was sleeping off jet lag and I was waiting for the plaster to dry in the bathroom so I could paint the walls (my life is RIVETING), I decided to have a little creative time to myself. I'd been to IKEA and picked up some bits and bobs for the newly renovated bathroom but, I decided they needed a little more colour.

I've recently been invited to join the Reeves Creative community which meant they had sent me a delicious box full of goodies to get stuck into from watercolours and pastels to paint brushes and pencils. This was basically calling my name so I dug into the box, had a bit of a google of what would work on glass and retrieved some acrylic paints to play with! I was really happy with the result and, judging by the amount of messages I got after popping it on Instagram stories, so were quite a few of you. So I thought I'd post a little tutorial in case you fancied getting creative too.

This is the easiest, peasiest DIY to do. You don't really need that much and you can generally upcycle things you have around the house, whether it's an old jam jars or one of those 34 Gu pots you have in a cupboard. I'd picked up this cute but plain set of storage jars while I was in IKEA for £12, I'm trying to embrace colour a lot more at the moment so grabbing the paints seemed to be the right thing to do.

What do you need?

  • Storage jars or jam jars
  • Acrylic paint - I used Reeves Acrylic paints* which came in a set of 24, the colours were perfect for what I wanted and you can pick them up for pretty cheap on Amazon
  • Paint brushes -I used Reeves acrylic paint brushes* which were great as they're all different shapes
  • Kitchen roll and nail polish remover (for any accidents!)

The steps...

1. Choose your colour palette. I went for pale pink, yellow, white, bright blue and very dark grey because they tickled my fancy and would suit the colour we're painting the bathroom but you can go wild with your colours of choice.
2. Practice the kind of design and shapes you'd like to on paper first, I went for quick and broad brush strokes, subtle swirls and dots. They are really easy shapes if you want to start with them but you can go for whatever you like, all brush strokes, polka dots, stars, hearts, lines, waves, anything!

3. Using one colour at a time and different sized paint brushes, build up a pattern. This way you can design as you go and add as little or as much as you like. The nail polish remover and kitchen roll is on hand if there's any smudges, colours or shapes you decide you don't like, just make sure you do it while it's still wet.

It can be a completely random pattern or you can do a meticulous design, whatever you fancy! I went for a recurring but still quite irregular pattern using the same shapes.

4. Leave to dry fully, overnight would be best! You can also seal them with a varnish or, let them dry for 24 hours and pop them in the over for 45 mins at 160 degrees (gas mark 3), let them cool fully before handling. This is only necessary if you need to wash them or they will get a lot of use.

5. Fill them up! I've popped ours in our bathroom to house the cotton wool and cotton buds (glam AF) but you could use them for make up, sweeties or anything small enough to fit in a jar!

And that's it, a super simple DIY that will instantly update plain storage or jars and give you some creative time. I found it really relaxing to get away from my phone for an hour or so, I popped on a true crime podcast and painted away.

If you do have a go at making your own, send me a photo as I'd love to see! Big thanks to Reeves for sending me the creative goodies to play with.

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