The Real Life Morning Routines of Successful Women

The other morning as I checked twitter whilst shovelling make up on my half asleep face after shouting at Joe to get up for the third time, I spotted this tweet by Emma Gannon. She had started reading My Morning Routine: How Successful People Start Every Day (a book, out in May) and realised how she really wasn't a morning person.

This completely resonated with me as I've read so many articles detailing different morning tales from successful women who wake up at the crack of dawn, do an hour of meditative yoga, complete an 18 step skincare routine and have a super green juice smoothie concoction all before they get to their desk at 7am. Though this routine would be amazing, I do absolutely none of these things. So I thought I'd get in touch with a few real life successful women who I know and ask them the same question, what is your morning routine?

Alice Tate

Travel and Fitness blogger at Flash Anthology and PR Manager at The Hoxton

Alice has been my fitness inspiration for years now, her passion for running is so inspiring as is her knack for juggling her hectic job at The Hoxton and travelling the work whilst documenting it on her blog.

I set my alarm for 5.15am and first up, I make a matcha tea. Ed's an electrician and is up super early too, so I'll make him a tea and brekkie (scrambled eggs in the microwave or toast!) then we'll watch the news in bed. I change into my gym kit, make my morning smoothie and pack it in my bag for the gym. 

I literally throw an outfit in my rucksack (always jeans for ease) then cycle 40 mins to the gym, do a 40 min workout, shower and get to work. I'm usually at my desk for 8.30 - I like to be early so I can make coffee and just get myself together before everyone else gets in.

Emma Block

Freelance Illustrator at Emma Block.  

I first fell in love with the incredibly talented Emma's work back nearly 10 years ago, her style is painterly and delicious. She has worked with fashion designers such as Orla Kiely, illustrated magazines and is releasing her very own book later this year.

I’m really not a morning person at all. My husband is a jazz musician so on average we go to bed at 1 in the morning, and I normally get up at around 9. I make porridge with fresh fruit and a cup of tea for breakfast, which I usually have in bed. A couple of mornings a week I go out to a Pilates or spin class. Otherwise I have quite a leisurely start to the day, eating breakfast in bed and checking my phone. Recently I’ve been trying to read more in the mornings as well. 

Even though I work from home I make sure I get dressed properly every morning, I would never work in my pyjamas. I try to be at my desk by 10.30, and I start by tackling my emails, taking pictures for Instagram and planning for the day. Considering it’s my job to draw and paint, I spend a lot of my time answering emails and doing admin. If I’m not feeling great in the morning I start with a nice easy task packing up online orders was listening to a podcast.

If I have to be up really early for an event where I’m teaching or doing live illustration, I usually stay at my grandparents who live in central London. It means I can get an early night without worrying about my husband coming home and waking me up and I don't wake him up when I leave early in the morning.

Kate Baxter

Interior and Lifestyle blogger at Fabric of my Life and Consultant. 

Kate and I have been friends since we met on a press trip in Edinburgh a few years ago and instantly clicked, she's since moved up to Manchester from London and joined the Sunday lunch club. She's ever inspiring and is a fountain of knowledge of all things interior.

My morning routine generally consists of my alarm going off at 6am, me hitting snooze a few times if I’m being lazy, but generally getting out of bed by 6.30. 

Then shower, coffee, more coffee and breakfast whilst either listening to a podcast and scrolling insta (or watching Last Week Tonight if it’s a Tuesday), then sitting down to start work around 8am. I like to blitz emails, schedule social content etc before the real working day kicks off, and I’m either out the door to meet clients or to work from town after 9.30 (missing peak time travel, yay) or settling in to ‘proper work’ at my desk. 

Gem Royston-Claire

Freelance Content and Social Specialist 

Gem was one of the very first bloggers I followed on Instagram, her nail tutorials and chatty writing style were right up my street. Over the years she's ditched her blog, worked at ASOS and Hearst but has recently taken the leap and gone freelance.

Being freelance, my sense of routine can be pretty changeable depending on where I’m working that day. I currently divide my week between working at a social media agency in Shoreditch and working on other projects from home. 

I’m generally an early riser, so my alarm goes off somewhere between 5.30-6am. I’m one of those dorks who has a positive affirmation as their wake up notification (and several smiley emojis for good measure!)

The first thing on my list after I wake up? Catching up on messages. I go to bed tragically early, so I miss a lot of the grade-A group chat banter and end up sending my hilarious replies a good 7 hours after the moment has passed. 

I then check the news for the day, preferably while still in bed (so if the news is depressing I can pretend it's all a bad dream), then I get up and fix brekkie. It's generally some kind of eggs and avocado combo (because millennials).

Then, over a coffee or peppermint tea, I’ll watch a bit of Netflix or read, with my cat snuggled on my lap, enjoying a little me-time before whatever craziness the day brings.

Pre-freelance life, my mornings would be an instant tornado of emails and stress before the kettle had even boiled, so now I call the shots, I’m all about fun, chilled mornings. My new boss rocks!

I then peek at my calendar and make my to do list for the day. The less said about how much of it I accomplish, the better, but I'm a firm believer in tackling the biggest tasks first.

Then it's time to beautify, get dressed (yep, even when working from home) and power-walk to the train station, (about as much exercise as I do!) listening to a podcast.

My commute is spent entering the social media hole (it’s kind of my job) and gearing up for a busy day that could include anything from copywriting to brainstorming social campaigns to meetings galore. When you're freelance, it feels like you're ON all the time, which makes a chilled out morning routine all the more important.

Ashanti Jason

Freelance Photographer, Stylist and Content Creator

I've been following Ashanti for years, her work is absolutely incredible and it was her still life photography and styling that really caught my eye. She also has four kids and runs her own business which means she's Wonder Woman.

I really wish I was a morning person, but that was not on the cards for me. Every morning, I am stirred awake by my eldest daughter's 5.30am alarm so she can start getting ready for secondary school (FYI she doesn’t really need to get up that early) so I am in this no man’s land where I can’t fall back asleep, but I am definitely not awake. At some point I feel myself drifting, but it always seems to be just before the 7.35 alarm goes off.  I literally roll out of bed, too tired to unravel myself from the tangled quilt, hearing the thud of the front door, as my eldest leaves for school, I shout to the other three, 'breakfast time!' (otherwise they don’t get up). Once they are fed and dressed in the minimal amount of time trying to find their shoes, socks, homework, and their uniform, I do the school run. Walking in the fresh air is when I am truly awake.

This is probably the only part of my routine that is the same, every day. The rest of the morning depends on if I have a meeting or a shoot on location, but in general when I get home, around 9. I have a coffee, sit at my computer for around an hour to catch up on emails, replies and pitches.  I check my schedule for what pictures I need to get done for brand commissions. Sometimes I have my still life ready to go, to start shooting from the night before so it is waiting for me, and all I have to do, is set up my camera and lights. I get lost in taking pictures, distracted intermittently by checking twitter, posting on Instagram, and seeing if the washing machine is done, and before I know it, it is probably 3pm, so I quickly clear up before I get the kids.

Hannah Louise

Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger at Hannah Louise.

Hannah has been one of my favourite style bloggers for years, she is now based in London but was one of the OG Manchester fashion bloggers so we spent quite a few evenings catching up over a cocktail or 7. Her style is spot on and always inspiring. 

Like many freelancers, I don't have a set routine. I try to wake up at 8 or 8.30am every day but sometimes I snooze my alarm - I'm definitely not a morning person. 

I scroll through emails and Instagram in bed then get up and make coffee and breakfast (porridge at the moment). If I'm working from home all day or don't have anything on until the afternoon I try to go to the gym in the morning, realistically this happens once or twice a week. I shower and get dressed, and put on make-up if I'm going to be going out. 

The work I do throughout the day is really varied: some days I meet a photographer and shoot outfits; some days I have meetings or events; and some days I meet another blogger friend to work together and/or shoot. I have been self-employed for two and a half years and lately have been making a more conscious effort to work 9-6 rather than into the evenings and over weekends, though admittedly this doesn't always happen. 

I go to brand events, gigs or have plans with friends or my boyfriend most nights of the week. If I'm home for the evening I often edit photos or put together shopping threads for Twitter, because I find these tasks relatively easy and relaxing. I watch some Netflix and aim to sleep before midnight.

Hannah Pym

General Manager at Illamasqua

I worked with Hannah at The Hut Group in my previous role, she is so down to earth but incredibly successful. She also always has the most perfect hair, I've never seen her having a bad hair day!

After several 10 minute snoozes of my alarm, my morning routine starts rather guiltily, with a quick scroll of Instagram. I tend to go bed super early in the week so often miss all the social goings on from the evening before. 

My favourite part of my morning is definitely spending at least 10 minutes playing with all my favourite skincare – an Eve Lom cleanser followed by the Hydrating Tonic from Bobbi Brown and Sarah Chapman morning facial oil. I spend far too much doing this so leave about 15 minutes to find an outfit and do my makeup before heading out the door. 

I’ll drive to work and arrive for around 7.30am every morning, it's about a 25 minute commute heading out of the city centre, I use this time to organise my priorities for the busy day ahead and may grab a hot chocolate on the way (I’m not a coffee fan!). 

Never organised enough before work, I’ll grab some porridge and eat it on the go whilst sorting out my inbox and covering off my to do-list. Working in retail, my inbox is always super lively so I’ll always have a good few emails to have a look over before checking my diary for the day and heading to 2-3 meetings before lunchtime. The mornings often fly by so I’ll take 20 minutes or so for lunch whilst checking my favourite mid-day email from Sheerluxe.  

Alexandra Preston Morley

Branding and eCommerce Director at

Alex and I used to work together at THG before she moved to Singapore to work at, 3.5 years later she's worked incredibly hard to become Branding and eCommerce Director at and moved back to open their London office last year.

I am currently the Co-Founder of Supernova's newest and fastest growing brand, Coco & Eve and manage an all-female team of six awesome and entrepreneurial women. I work best on at least 8 hours of sleep so I wake up most mornings at 8am, jump straight in the shower, throw on some make up and am out the door by 8.30am. I live in Bermondsey and to avoid a horrific commute chose the location of the office to be as close as possible to my flat. The office is right opposite the Tower of London and St Katherine Docks, so come rain or shine, I either cycle or walk the 20 mins to work along the river, through the back streets of Shad Thames and over Tower Bridge. If walking, I listen to my favourite podcasts; How I Built This, the High-Low or The Week Unwrapped. 

To ensure there is as much crossover as possible with the Singapore and Melbourne office, I might have to do a call on the way to work or sometimes I am in the office at 7am for a meeting. I think breakfast is the most important meal of the day and since we are a Health and Wellness company, we provide free breakfasts and healthy snacks for all our employees. We have a basket of fresh fruit delivered to the office every week and each day I have fruit with muesli and almond milk or Greek yoghurt (not forgetting a flat white!)

Joyce Lee

Calligraphy and Lettering expert at Artsynibs 

One of the most stylish and lovely women I know, Joyce is one of those people who brighten up a room just by walking in. She is a calligraphy expert and runs workshops in and around Manchester where she moved to from Singapore years ago.

My day usually starts at 8.30am and the first order of business is walking the dog. That’ll be me hiding under a huge hoodie because I’ll still be looking half asleep. 

Whilst on the walk, that’s where I catch up on news and social media. After that, it’s back home for a morning coffee and journalling. That wakes me up properly and sets the tone for the work day. Then it’s onto emails and the next thing I know, it’s lunch!

Kasia Kenyon

Head of Trading Luxury Division at THG

Kasia is one of the best dressed people I know, I usually spot her outfit from across the business park where we work and make a mental note to ask her where it's from, whether it's a star print top, silk pyjama style twin set or bright pink maxi dress.

My alarm goes off around 6.30am and like most it goes on snooze until 6.45am. First thing I do when I’m up is put the TV on, more specifically Daybreak, which is a ritual I have done from way back when it was called GMTV.

I then quickly jump in the shower, or I try and get one the night before so I get to hit the snooze button one more time. Around 7.15am I get dressed and, being a confessed fashionista I love putting my outfit together, as Audrey Hepburn once said “Life is a party, dress like it”. My outfits can definitely be classed sometimes man repellers (and not always to my boyfriend's liking) but I always dress for myself and I think that it is really important to feel confident as it sets you up for the day.

Once my makeup is done I am ready to go, I am not good with breakfast so I usually make myself a quick smoothie for the road, I leave the house at around 7.40am then this is where I start my day.

Ashleigh Cowell

Senior Graphic Designer, RW&CO. Montreal

Ash and I went to uni together, she's one of my very best friends but lives in Montreal so we don't get to see each often sadly, but when we do we're always up to our usual mischief. She's a very talented graphic designer and all round creative person.

My days can be quite varied, but always high energy. Some weeks I may be at the creative front of a seasonal campaign, other weeks I may be on set directing photographic content, or I could be eyes deep in production. Therefore, I like to build momentum first thing in the morning, wake up and hit the ground running. Thirty minute yoga sesh, no thanks. Reflective reading, not for me. I get up and want to K.O. the day, Street Fighter style. That’s not to say that I don’t allow myself time for those essential ‘me’ moments to refuel and relax during the week, it just doesn’t feature before 5pm. I’m not a coffee person, or even a tea person for that matter. A scalding shower and a cheesy 90’s playlist set the tone of my day. You’ll often find me dancing into my trousers at 6:45am.
It may sound fastidious to some, but this is the time I try to keep on top of the mundane house chores. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a regimented cleaning regime that I abide to every morning, just trying not to live like a troll. Simultaneously brushing my teeth and sweeping is not uncommon. Picking up that wine glass I left on the coffee table last night whilst juggling a bowl of not Instagram worthy porridge, and most importantly, making my bed! For me, if I start the day with a clean and tidy house, my mind is focused on the real nit and grit of the day. Plus, I find it really calming to come back to an organised space after a chaotic day at work. 
Living in Canada, the seasons can really influence my morning. When I say seasons, I really just mean the fresh hell that is winter here. There can be snow on the ground four months of the year, and I’m not talking about a dusting, I’m talking about which one of those white lumps do I have to excavate to find my car this morning kind of snow. I can’t even express the agony felt when you realise you’ve started shovelling the wrong one. There’s no such thing as a snow day here, everyone just ploughs on (pun intended) regardless. By comparison, in the summer I have the pleasure of being able to cycle 15 minutes to work in blissful heat. So I guess it balances out?
I generally arrive at the office 30 minutes before my colleagues, and it’s during this quiet time that I really get to hash out my day, sort out my priorities and what I want to accomplish. I’ll crack out notes I’ve made the night before to explore ideas and inspiration, as often, once away from the hustle and bustle of the office, I find creative clarity in the calm of home... or the bar, depending on the day. It’s like taking a deep breath before submerging myself in the tasks ahead.

Laura Neal

Campaign Manager for Beauty at THG and blogger at Chambray and Curls 

Laura is one of the strongest women I know, she is also one of the most organised people I know! We used to work closely together and became friends over our mutual love of pastry, beauty and gin.

I wake up about 10 to 6 each morning. I like to take my time getting ready so would rather set my alarm a little earlier. I’m bad and check my phone first thing and allow myself a little time before getting out of bed. I either jump in the shower or go straight to prep my lunch and breakfast whilst the kettle boils. I guess I might be a morning person because I’d still rather do that in the morning than before bed. With a cup of tea I go to do my makeup.

I tend to pop a YouTube video on while I do my face- at the moment I’m enjoying Jackie Aina a lot. I tend to spend about 20 mins on my makeup each morning. Then I’ll find my clothes for the day, get dressed and start to gather my things. I grab breakfast and my lunch and tend to be in my car for 7am. I have a 40 min commute, then breakfast at my desk whilst checking emails and getting started for the day.

Nothing too exciting or groundbreaking, just an easy routine I manage without getting myself too tired or chaotic.

Katie Popperwell

Freelance Creative Consultant and Arts Producer 

I first met Katie at an event she was hosting for Stylist magazine at Manchester House, we spent ages chatting and even though it was years ago, I vividly remember wanting to be her when I grew up (even though she's barely older than me!) 

I'm naturally given to both laziness and inadvisable mid-week drinking so my mornings are typically fairly chaotic. I wake up about 7am, turn off my alarm, and lie there trying to work what stage in his mysterious morning ablutions my teenage son has reached and whether it's worth trying to get into the bathroom. 

At some point my boyfriend will also wake up and we'll have the first of many light morning arguments about whose turn it is to make coffee. If I am victorious, he will go and spend some time bellowing through the bathroom door before delivering the goods, and I will get to stay in bed until fully caffeinated. Then it's a question of whether the teenager leaves early enough for the bus. This is a 50/50 scenario that often sees me hastily and optimistically donning my gym gear and driving him to school. Sometimes I will actually go to the gym, but more often than not I come straight home, take off my gym gear, leave it on the floor and get in the shower. Often this is followed by another argument about laundry/general disorganisation/the teenager/why we only have one toilet. 

Once I'm clean I stand around in my pants thinking about what to wear for a bit then get dressed. My weekday uniform is loose tailored trousers, a big shirt, white trainers, slick hair and some sort of obnoxious jewellery - at the moment it's earrings. I am a little bit obsessed with skincare and make-up so I always sit down at my dressing table for a good 15 mins and rub things into my face, chat to my boyfriend and listen to Shaun Keaveney on 6Music, by which time I am probably late for a meeting. Eventually I leave the house, in the hope that at some point in the near future, someone is going to make me another coffee.

Kyle Rowland

Senior Online Advertising Specialist at Nordstrom

I met Kyle when we worked together at THG, she's since moved back to her hometown of Seattle but we still chat pretty much every single day. She's wonderfully funny, ambitious and always the one who will suggest getting the cocktail that arrives on fire.

I normally wake up around 7 (I'll vary it from day to day given how tired I feel when I go to bed). Normally, I choose what outfit I'm going to wear to work the night before, and have it hanging up ready for me. First off, I cleanse my face with a bit of micellar water and then moisturize with a few drops of rose hip oil (Pai is my one and only). Then put on the rest of my makeup (normally I use: Laura Mercier primer, Estee Lauder foundation, Bobbi Brown concealer, brow pencil, Laura Mercier highlighter, Stila liquid liner, and  Lancome mascara. I rarely spend time on my hair. If I do, it's to put dry shampoo in it, or wrangle it into a topknot. I purposely shower at night to avoid any sort of hair work in the mornings.

From there, I head to the kitchen and have a glass of water. This is always the first thing I consume. I feel weird if I don't now. Next, I'll start grinding coffee beans and make a pot of coffee. While that's going, I'll decide on and make breakfast. Normally, I also bring lunch with me to work so depending on what I'm eating for lunch, I'll try and balance out with what I'm eating for breakfast (carb heavy lunch = protein heavy breakfast etc). Lately, I've been eating scrambled eggs with spinach or oatmeal and yogurt.

I'll normally read my emails, check social media and respond to any messages I got from overseas friends while I was asleep while I'm eating breakfast. Then, I make myself a to-go mug of coffee to bring with me (hydroflasks are the BEST), pack up my work bag, decide what shoes I'm going to wear, and head out the door. 

Bethany Worrall

Affiliate Team Leader at Awin and blogger at Bethany Worrall

Beth joined my team a few years ago when we were working on Luxury fashion at THG, she's an absolute treat to be around as her personality is infectious and she is borderline obsessed with Disney and The Courteeners.

Now I live a 17 minute walk to the office (dreams!) I can ditch my 6am starts and wake up at 7.30am, with the help a couple of alarms to wake me up. First stop is to the bathroom (TMI?) where I sit for probably too long scrolling through Instagram and seeing if anything has blown up on Twitter overnight – we’re all guilty of this, right?!

Then it comes to hair and make-up which are very minimal and barely change day to day. I’ve recently taken to using no heat on my hair, so I scrunch some product in it and I’m good to go. Whilst I’m sat at my little table making myself look presentable, I’ll watch a YouTube video (I watch pretty much anything, from family vlogs to Zara hauls to anything Disney related!).

Clothes are decided on based on what I have that day. If it’s a client meeting at ASOS HQ I’ll probably reach for something a little more ‘on trend’, but office days are all about the comfort so I live in jeans and my Adidas Gazelles.

If I have time I throw together my lunch, usually a ham and coleslaw bagel and a packet of crisps (so healthy…).

It’s only just before I leave every morning at 8.25am that I look at my coffee machine and think I should probably start using it more, for a morning hot chocolate (I hate coffee!). Maybe tomorrow, eh?

Em Sheldon

Fashion, Travel and Fitness Blogger at Em Talks

Absolute mega babe Em Sheldon has been my fitness (and more recently travel) inspiration for years, her Instagram is well worth a follow.

I wake up and the first thing I do is scroll on my phone, really bad I know! I check twitter as if it's the daily news. 

I upload an Instagram and then go downstairs for a cup of tea. After my tea I head to a spin class. After spin I have a big hearty breakfast and crack on with emails, then it’s into the shower and on with my day!

Holly Grocott

Senior creative at I Saw it First and Freelance Writer

Holly and I went to high school together funnily enough, we now share home renovation and interior tips! Holly's Instagram is worth a follow, her and her husband Mike are working on their third house renovation at the moment and it's looking beaut.

I usually wake up around 6.30am with my alarm. Mike's usually goes off around this time too so the double alarm going off spurs me on to get out of bed! I'm a big breakfast person and can't function until I eat. I have a machine coffee and a bowl of cereal or porridge with almond milk and chia seeds whilst catching up on emails and Instagram before heading upstairs to get ready.

I usually shower the night before so in the morning cleanse, tone, moisturise, clean and floss my teeth. My make up routine is pretty simple: some BB cream (I use DR Jart) or Nars sheer glow if I need more coverage, Charlotte Tilbury powder, bronzer and a tiny bit of highlight, a quick shape of brows, a flick of mascara and some Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream on my lips and I'm good to go.

For my hair I just add a quick spritz of dry shampoo to add some volume and either leave it down as I woke up or put it in a messy ponytail. Then I decide what to wear (this is when my whole wardrobe ends up on my bedroom floor): usually some jeans, an oversized jumper and converse if I'm styling that day, or a blazer and a pair of boots if I have meetings. I leave the house around 8.20 and drive to work for just before 9am.

Clare Potts

Global Head of Campaigns, Content and Communications at Myprotein

I thought I'd throw in my morning routine too for good luck! My day starts with a couple of snoozes of my alarm, I deliberately set it 20 minutes before I need to get up because I bloody love a snooze, it just feels so satisfying to steal a little bit more sleep.

I get up around 6.20, shower and wash my hair. I have annoying hair that needs to be washed every day otherwise I look like a mad professor. At the moment I'm also dry brushing my body before showering and moisturising afterwards to try and keep preggo stretch marks at bay! I then blow dry my hair, nicely suggest to Joe that he should probably think about getting up soon and pick out what I'm going to wear while slathering moisturiser on my face. I usually sneak in a scroll of social media or upload a photo to Pomme Pomme's instagram around now too before telling Joe to get up. I have a habit of laying out all my make up in the order that I use it and then start applying, I only spend about 10 minutes on it in total, about half way through I shout at Joe to get out and he finally gets into the shower. I then get dressed and move onto sorting my hair out.

One thing I always make sure I do is make the bed, it somehow makes me feel as if I've got a little bit of my shit together even if the rest of the house is a pig sty. We run around doing last minute errands like putting the bins out or sorting lunch for the day ahead and aim to leave around 7.20 (which is usually more like 7.30...), we work at the same place which is quite good because we can catch up on the way in. I get to my desk before 8.30 and have breakfast, which is breakfast biscuits and fruit at the moment, and catch up on emails before my inbox piles up again. 

So there we have it, no meditation, no crack of dawn yoga and no green juice. I wanted to show a broad view of different roles so we have women who work in corporate office environments, those who run their own blog, work freelance and who live in different areas of the world to get a feel for real life morning routines to show that we're all human. 

But there are a few things these successful women have in common, mostly eating porridge, being at their desk early and getting enough sleep, but they also all take time to do their morning their way whether it's allowing a 10 minute scroll of Instagram or simply making the bed. I have a few more morning routines to add from people with different lifestyles and those with children so check back to see those too.

What does your morning routine look like? Leave a comment below, I'd love to read about them!


  1. What a lovely post Clare - celebrating some pretty kick ass women.

    1. Thanks Vicki! I found it so interesting to read everyone’s routines.

  2. Great roundup. Would've been nice to read about a few women of color as well.

    1. Thanks for the comment Tai and I completely understand where you’re coming from, I reached out to a wide range of women, the ones featured are the ones who were able to get back to me in time, this post will be updated so do check back in the future!

  3. Really interesting read - I loved how many women you went to, not just a couple. However, most of them being bloggers and freelancers didn't give me a lot of helpful advise and/or motivation for how I can better my time while in a hurry for the train/tube. Working from home makes it way easier to be creative and to work on yourself before actually starting work and it's not relatable for the majority of people working a 9 to 5. Still an interesting read though!

    1. So glad you enjoyed the post! I tried to include a mixture of office based, freelance and business owners to make it accessible to a wide range of people. About half of the people featured work in an office though so hopefully there's something interesting for you.

  4. Love this post, thank you so much for compiling this! So inspiring and I love learning how other like minded women do their morning routines.


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