Planning our Nursery

Somehow life has gone into fast forward and we've already made it halfway through our first pregnancy! It seems like time has absolutely flown from when it was the size of a poppy seed when we found out to now when it's a sizeable banana wriggling away in there.

I always said we'd wait until the halfway point until we even thought about buying anything or planning the nursery, but... I'm a bad person and I've been keeping a little list of things that have tickled my fancy because it would be rude not to prepare right?

I got a bit carried away adding things to my basket on Wayfair when I was prepping another blog post after they sent us a rather lovely Endon lamp so this shopping list blog post magically happened...

Because we don't know if it's a boy or girl (and we're not sure if we will even find out), we're keeping everything neutral, light and bright for furniture but I'm planning some brightly coloured additions (think giant pom poms) to bring it to life.

The Nursing Chair

Perhaps my biggest downfall when shopping is my horrifically expensive taste. I somehow, when presented with hundreds of options, manage to choose the most expensive one...

This chair is a prime example. I want something comfortable, stylish and with high arms. This one caught my eye straight away and OBVIOUSLY it's over £500, joy. It comes in so many different colours too, I am smitten. You can see plenty more chairs here.

Shelves for a million muslin squares

Storage is going to be a must for us, we currently don't have any in the room that the baby is going to be residing in

I really like this little bookcase for extra storage in the room, as it can have small boxes, books, blankets, clothes and muslin squares.

Plus it would go really well in other rooms in the house once we no longer need the one million muslin squares.

Rugs to wriggle around on

A lovely big rug is 100% needed in the baby's room, the room has wood flooring in so it needs to have something more comfortable so we can wriggle around on it.

I love this rug with bits of peach, polka dots and angular shapes. Originally I wanted a bit of a criss cross rug like this but we probably should have something that's a bit easier to hide the baby vomit on...

You can see more rugs here if you fancy!

  The changeable changing table

Is there a more majestic or useful thing than a changing table that also has storage and can also be a desk for the babe when it grows up? Well this changing table/desk has all of that.

It's now out of stock but I am keeping everything crossed for it to be back in before I pop!

Light and bright

The lovely Endon lamp that Wayfair sent us for our living room is perfect to move up to the nursery to lighten up our 3am feeds.

It will look lovely next to my new ridiculously expensive nursing chair that is still in my basket... Don't tell Joe.


The dreaded laundry basket

So this is a boring one but one that is 100% necessary.

I want something to look good that will house all of the clothes that the baby has decided to vomit on within 3 seconds of us dressing it. This laundry basket seemed like a good option!

There are still a million things to think about from the cot to to a hundred tiny socks, and it still feels a little bit too early to be investing in everything. But it's so exciting to even start thinking about it. Our 20 week scan is next week which will make it feel even more real, fingers crossed all is well.

This wasn't a sponsored post with Wayfair but I work with them pretty regularly so spend a lot of time on their site getting a little bit carried away so I made myself an excuse, tee hee.

If anyone has any tips for things that were essential for raising a tiny human (or anything that you didn't use at all), I'd love to hear about them in the comments below!


  1. Hi Clare if you haven't seen it already check out motherofalllists the latest one is baby equipment! Personally I fed in bed with lights off but the only thing you should ever do is WHATEVER suits you /your baby/ your family. One thing we had for my youngest was a cot that was like an extension of our bed, I can't tell you what a difference it made! With the twins we splurged on expensive heavy wooden cot beds which were huge and lasted until they were about 6! Enjoy the planning! Xx


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