Home Renovation Plans and Spring Cleaning

There is something about the first sunny day of spring. It's a glorious, momentous occasion when the shroud of winter lifts and we start to embrace the new season but it's also the day when you can clearly see just how covered in filth and dust your house is. Swings and roundabouts eh?

Our spring season is planned around house renovations, all geared towards making our home more of a family home before our new arrival makes an appearance. The main areas of the house that will be getting a face lift over the next couple of months are the kitchen and the bathroom so I thought I'd start with a bit of a before and plans for our home renovations. I'll definitely post a before and after once they're ready too of course, I cannot wait!

The Kitchen 

The kitchen is first on the list. Renovations start on Monday so it's going to be a hectic few weeks with a lot of Deliveroo activity!

I love our kitchen. It's quite large with original Victorian features including a beautiful (albeit giant and annoyingly placed) range and fireplace as well as beautiful sash windows which you can see in the photo above. They have seen better days so they will definitely be getting a lick of paint in the renovation. At the moment it's painted cobalt blue, has cream wooden cupboards, white metro tiles on the walls, off white flagstone tiles on the floor, an oven from approx 1973 that doesn't really work and the whole room is generally finished quite badly. It's been fine since we moved in but is definitely in need of some TLC and a refresh.

We have been working closely with our kitchen designer Dan to make sure everything is going smoothly, to be honest, it's mostly been me asking him inane questions because I have no idea what I'm doing while he has organised everything. I feel like I'm getting better though, Kevin McCloud would be proud!

We're going for parquet flooring (polyflor not the real deal because we can't be trusted with nice things), handmade studio green cabinets, a beautiful big belfast sink, industrial style Smeg gas oven, white metro tiles and brass fittings. We haven't decided on the wall colour just yet but we're likely to keep it neutral so the green is the main focus of the room. It will be something along the lines of this look and feel. And don't worry, we're keeping the wine fridge...

I cannot wait for it to be finished and for it to be a room that we're proud of. I'm hoping it becomes more of a family room than it is now where we can potter around together. I am 100% bathing the baby in the new sink at least once too!

The Bathroom

Our bathroom is the tiniest room in the house and again, finished quite badly, although the style is mostly to our taste. The worst thing that's happened so far is the grouting being so shoddy it's meant water has leaked through into the kitchen through the tiles, joy.

We want to be able to bathe the baby in peace without thinking we're going to fall through the floor (we definitely wouldn't, it's completely safe, I'm just paranoid) so we're having the bathroom sorted in May. It's a much smaller job than the kitchen as we're keeping the toilet and sink so it's not a full refurbishment. It means we'll finally have a radiator and extractor fan in the bathroom too because at the moment it's just the same as it was in Victorian times. Our builder Andy who was recommended by our next door neighbours has been so lovely and helpful throughout!

We're going for a new bath, new tiles, plenty of shelving for storage (we currently have zero), adding an extractor fan, reinforcing the floor under the bath (one for my paranoia), a coat of plaster pink paint and a new ceiling with spotlights. It should really open up the room and make it a much more cosy but ventilated place to be. We need to get a blind ordered too so we can keep in the warmth during the winter.

I am so excited to have a bath and buy all the candles when it's finished, only a couple of months before they're both done!

The Spring Clean

Thankfully we have a helping hand when cleaning is concerned. I am lucky enough to collaborate with the lovely people at Fantastic Services who visit weekly at the moment to give our house a good clean from top to bottom. It's a pretty affordable service and, considering the hours we work (we're both out of the house from around 7am to 7pm if not longer every day during the week), is entirely invaluable to us.

It is of course not something everyone can, wants or needs to do. But it works for us and helps make our day to day hectic life a little easier.

I will 100% still do a deep spring clean myself this weekend ahead of the kitchen renovation that kicks off next week, there's something so satisfying about it! This weekend is going to be spent getting everything out of the kitchen and cleaning ready for the work to begin. We're also having some preliminary work done on the bathroom this weekend so I'll make sure that's all spotless afterwards too. Being a grown up is such hard work!

 *Our cleaning service with Fantastic Services is complimentary in return for an honest review, I am not obliged to post anything about them or do I get anything from you using the code above, it just makes our life that little bit easier!


  1. I absolutely love the idea of dark green cabinets in the kitchen! Your renovation plans sounds exciting, hope it went as smoothly as much as possible :)


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