Sunday, 18 March 2018

Tweet Eats: Australasia Spring Menu

A few weeks ago we headed to Australasia to try out their new spring menu. A fancy meal on a Sunday afternoon is pretty much top 3 in my all time favourite things to do so I was a happy bunny, despite the lack of usual multiple cocktails to accompany!

If you haven't heard of Australasia before, it's a subterranean pan-asian brasserie hidden beneath Spinningfields, it's a classic glossy Manchester restaurant with great sushi and a robata grill. It's a really relaxing environment and the perfect place to while away a Sunday afternoon.

The interior design in Australasia is kind of amazing, it's a little slice of Australia underneath rainy Manchester filled with driftwood, greenery and relaxed low lighting. It's a perfect escape.

Joe and I pottered around the menu for probably a little bit too long, but we finally settled on a mixture of sushi, small plates and a mixed robata grill. As everything is prepared fresh, the plates arrive as they're ready, kind of like tapas so you can either go for a mixture of sushi and small plates, or a classic starter and main combo.

Because I'm pregnant we were a bit limited on the sushi I could have (essentially I couldn't have any sushi, boo) but we went for Peking Duck rolls, scallops nigiri, salmon nigiri and yum yum squares. The peking duck rolls were easily my favourite, they were absolutely delicious, the plum sauce and mango slice blend perfectly with the rich duck. The yum yum squares were good, but they were essentially deep fried rice cubes so after a couple I was pretty much satisfied!

Joe loved the scallops and said the salmon nigiri was great too, you can't really fault the sushi at Australasia, it is one of the best places in Manchester in my opinion.

For the main, we went for the mixed selection of tempura and robata so we could both have a bit of everything (even though we just wanted sushi, but baby doesn't allow it!). The robata grill is essentially a charcoal grill so the satay sticks were deliciously barbecued.

The tempura including prawns, mixed seafood and squid, it was very delicately flavoured and so moreish. Weirdly, even though both of us hate mushrooms, the mushroom topped tempura was actually delicious.

To find out more about Australasia's new menu and to book, visit their website here.

*We were treated to the meal free of charge in return for an honest review.

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