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The First Trimester: My Experience

Now that I'm a few weeks into my second trimester I wanted to take a look back at the first trimester and see how it compares, it's such a crazy time that I want to document my pregnancy and share my experience, even if I'm the only person that ever reads this!

We found out pretty early on that I was pregnant, we were trying and I was tracking my cycle, I took a test the day after I missed a period so we had 8 weeks of keeping it a secret and worrying about everything that we possibly could. We're over 17 weeks now, nearing that halfway point, starting to see a bump and have plenty of midwife appointments and scans on the horizon so it's starting to feel real now! It seemed like a good time to look back over the first few months.


Keeping it a secret

Keeping it a secret was the worst bit of the first trimester for me, the 8 weeks between us finding out and having the 12 weeks scan felt like it was about 97 years. It dragged SO much. I hated not being able to tell everyone. We shared the secret with a few close family and friends after we had an early scan at 6 weeks and everything looked positive, but we were (and still are) scared of anything going wrong that we didn't want to tell too many people.

Thankfully I managed to dodge morning sickness so didn't have to run to the loo at work or take any time off meaning it was relatively easy to hide from my colleagues. But I was constantly exhausted and had a bad cold for around 2 months, everyone thought I just had an awful immune system!

Not being on the booze when I went out with friends was a bit of an odd one, I tried to swap dinners for brunches and drive to as many events or parties as possible so I had a plausible excuse. I'm usually well into wine so refusing a glass would be an instant giveaway to anyone who knew me well. I'm now completely used to not having a drink (it's only taken 4 months...) and embracing being able to be the designated driver.

The little baby grow in the photo above was a lovely gift from Sally who I used to work with, she runs her own business called Freckle printing t-shirts, sweatshirts and grows so as soon as she found out, she made us a little one. It's our very first grow and it couldn't be cuter!


Sleep and Exhaustion

I was absolutely exhausted for the first few months, I used to head to bed around midnight but during the first few months I was falling asleep on the settee around 9 every night. Thankfully that's stopped now and I can actually hold a conversation in the evening.

I've been suffering with a bad back for about 8 weeks, it only strikes at night when I'm in bed annoyingly so that affected my sleep for quite a while before I found a way to avoid it. I tried pretty much everything from yoga and massage to sleeping in the spare room on the firmer mattress to attempting to sleep on the floor! I've finally found that if I prop myself up with couple of pillows and my maternity pillow, it's absolutely fine. It also means I'm sleeping on my side rather than my back which is good preparation for later pregnancy when I get bigger.

It also meant I was pretty ratty so Joe's probably not had the most fun during the first trimester either!


Keeping Track and Pregnancy Apps

I really wanted to keep track of how I was feeling throughout the pregnancy so I had something to look back on, so from about 6 weeks I've been keeping a diary on my phone using Day One, it's free and is a really easy way of jotting down how you're feeling and adding a photo for the day. It's essentially just a collection of me whinging about feeling ill, being tired or hormonal and nice little life updates and photos as we go. I'm going to be posting regular updates on here too but I don't want this to turn into a baby obsessed blog so there won't be too much.

I use quite a few other apps to keep track of my pregnancy and absorb as much information as possible, my favourite is Glow Nurture, I used Glow to help get pregnant too. It seems to have the most information and has comments from other preggos on each article so it's good to see where other people at the same stage are getting on too.

I also have The Bump which is great for the weekly updates (you get a new set of information and articles every week) and articles. Bounty is good for voucher codes and UK information as most of the apps I use are US based.

I like knowing what stage the baby is at and what's growing every day so I can share with Joe and feel closer to the little babe inside me.


We haven't actually bought a single thing yet... I was chatting to someone at work who's wife is due a couple of weeks before us and they have got every single thing, even down to the pram and nappies! I think we'll wait until at least 20 weeks to start buying things but I have started to keep a list of things we might need thanks to people's recommendations.

We have been lucky enough to have had a few things given to us like these gorgeous towels from Christy and really helpful books. 

We have quite a bit of work to do on the house before the little one arrives, we're starting with the kitchen next month, then the bathroom and then the baby's room so it makes sense to buy the mountain of nonsense we need for the baby after that's out of the way. 

I have had to invest in a few bits of maternity clothes as the bump is starting to pop now, I've got a couple of pairs of Topshop Jamie maternity jeans (which are SO comfy) as well as a few tops from ASOS, but thankfully I don't really wear tight clothes anyway so I should be able to keep the majority of my wardrobe until I get really big. I am not looking forward to being massively pregnant in August though...


I started out pretty badly on the cravings front with a burning desire to eat ALL the doughnuts and drink all the chocolate milk... Thankfully that only lasted a few weeks and I managed to resist mostly.

It has now moved on to fruit so I think my body must want sugar in all of the forms. I cannot get enough fruit at the moment, not only does it taste amazing and satisfy a craving, I am also constantly thirsty so it helps that too.

I haven't had anything weird like pickles or coal just yet!

Well that was a bit of an epic post but it's a bit of an insight into how the first trimester has been for me and the baby, it felt rather selfish!

I'm starting to feel a bit more adventurous now I have more energy, I pretty much stayed home for the first trimester but now we're booking holidays and I've booked a yoga retreat with my friend Rosie (who's due the day before me!) for June when we're nice and rounded. Hopefully the second trimester stays as positive as the first few weeks, I'm so happy to have energy back and not feel like I have the flu at all times!


  1. So excited to read all about your pregnancy journey, it'll make me chuckle if you do start to get weird cravings! xx

  2. I'm so so happy for you lovely :) Such an exciting journey x

  3. How exciting, I am glad you got your energy back!


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