Friday, 9 February 2018

Be My Valentine

I'll be honest, I'm not a Valentine's kind of girl. I don't expect to be spoiled rotten or taken out for a meal, we tend to just use it as an excuse to have an M&S dine in for two! But one thing I do love to do is treat myself to a few luxury bits and bobs that you can either treat yourself to or drop some hints before V day.

Lip balm is one of my most purchased items (apart from Freddos obv), I have approximately a million of them in every shade, flavour and type. 

The latest additions and my new favourite lip balms are the new Caudalie French Kiss numbers. I have them in Addiction, Seduction and Innocence, all varying shades of Valentine's ready pink. They are perfect for kissable V day lips!

The darkest shade is my favourite, it adds a lovely subtle rosy tint to your lips and keeps them moisturised for hours, even in officeair con conditions. It also smells and tastes amazing, it's like dessert!

Luxury loungewear is one of my very favourite indulgences, if I'm not buying food, I'm generally buying pyjamas (or sportswear, to wear in bed).

The lovely people at Homebody got in touch to ask if I'd like to try out one of their beautiful pale pink loungewear tops, me being the pyjama queen agreed instantly. It is one of the softest items of clothing I own and feels beautiful against your skin. It could easily be dressed up or down depending on your V day plans (if you know what I mean).

I have the cami vest in blush pink and it is absolutely lovely, I can't wait to wear it in summer too as it will be so soft and breathable. They offer 15% off for new customers and have next day delivery so there's plenty of time to order.

ElliceLydia is a relatively new brand to me but I couldn't do a Valentine's post without including a little bit of lingerie!

They specialise in made to measure lingerie that is actually affordable so are perfect for this time of year, take a look here to find out more.

A rather shameless plug but I thought I'd mention Pomme Pomme in my little round up too! They do make a rather lovely gift and we do offer gift cards too. You can have a look at my shop here.

I hope you have a wonderful V day you beautiful people!

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