Monday, 29 January 2018

Silver and Gold

I wish I was one of those people who could get away with wearing exuberant earrings, brightly coloured necklaces and rings on every fingers à la Phoebe. But no, I'm more of a two rings max, in silver and gold as well as the same earrings day in day out for months kind of girl.

Even thought I'd love to channel my inner Pat Butcher, I do really love delicate jewellery and was lucky enough to get quite a few new bits and bobs for Christmas from my sister and Joe. They were too pretty not to share and I love the brands so much so I thought I'd dedicate a little blog post to them.

My sister is pretty excellent at Christmas presents and this year was no exception. I had introduced her to A Weathered Penny, a brand I love (thanks to Angharad's instagram) but had never picked up any pieces from, so she treated me to a beautiful, simple circle necklace and a geometric ring (which is now out of stock but the circle version is lovely too). The prices are really reasonable too so it's a great way to update your jewellery without spending too much. Thank you to my sister Em for the lovely treats!

Take a look at A Weathered Penny here, they also have an up to 50% off sale running at the moment too, dream. You can also add a gift box for an extra £1.75 which I would recommend doing as it makes them feel even more special.

I love delicate necklaces and this one caught my eye, it has the Libra sign (my star sign) but in a really subtle way. Just a little nod and constant reminder to all around me when my birthday is so they can prepare cake. The packaging of this necklace was so pretty too, it comes in a pale pink velvet pouch in a pale pink box, perfect for a gift!

Take a look at the Lola Rose collection here, the Zodiac Collection is pretty much sold out now unfortunately but you might get lucky and find yours here!

I have a habit of wearing earrings every day so I wanted to make sure I had some rather lovely ones this time. Joe got me these from Missoma for Christmas and I have worn them every single day since, they are hands down my favourite earrings already!

Any suggestions of other delicate jewellery brands are always welcome, I need to expand my jewellery wearing habits! I may even branch out into a bracelet one day... Jokes, I've only just got used to wearing a watch at the grand old age of 29.

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