Planning our Five Year Anniversary

Time is going so quickly at the moment it's ridiculous, is this what happens when you're a grown up? At the end of this month Joe and I will be celebrating our five year anniversary but it seems like only yesterday he made me try haggis on our first date, it was Burn's Night after all.

Five years is a pretty long time, the longest I've ever put up with anyone without breaking up with them at an airport (a story for another time) but we're not the most soppy of couples and it's also at the end of January, six weeks after we last got paid, so we want to celebrate but nothing too extravagant. I've put together a little list of fun but affordable treats in case you're in a similar situation or just fancy treating yourself after January misery.

For the Food Lovers

One of the best things about having a January anniversary is taking advantage of the 50% off deals that a lot of the restaurants in Manchester run throughout the month.
Everywhere from Artisan to Salvi's is in on it so there is plenty to choose from to suit all tastes, budgets and families.

Take a look at the full list here and enjoy!


For the Adventurers

We spend a lot of our spare time up mountains in the Lake District when it's not tipping it down with rain so it would be lovely to go on a little trip away to experience the towns rather than kilometres above them. I think it would be rude not to throw in a hike while we were there though, then the bottle of wine and giant feast when we got home would be 100% earned.

I'm keeping an eye on Groupon for any deals that pop up in the Lakes! Even though I'd kind of prefer to go for the San Francisco trip instead...

For the Creative

We're keeping it low key this year and I'm planning on getting a little creative for Joe's card so it has a little bit more meaning behind it. The likelihood is that it will go horribly wrong and I'll end up going to Paperchase but it's the thought that counts!

The Artsynibs Modern Calligraphy set is amazing and is only £11.50 so well worth investing in if you want to get creative.

For the Digitally Distracted

This is a ridiculously simple and cheap one. Just turn off your phones and laptops. Concentrate completely on each other and stay up talking all night with no distractions. Perfect.

There they are, just a few simple and really affordable ways to celebrate something in January, whether it's an anniversary, birthday or a Tuesday, you should treat yourself because January is not always the easiest month as you re-enter real life.  It's always good to have something lovely to look forward to.

I got all the photos for this post (apart from the Lake District and the laptop which are mine) from Unsplash, a rather wonderful library of free to use high res images. Not spon, just really good and deserves a mention.


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