A New Breed of Fitness Tracker

November always brings a bit of a health kick for me. After the indulgence of my birthday in October (I'm 30 next year so it's going to be SO unhealthy!) and before the Henry the Eighth levels of gluttony of December, I like to have a month of detox to make it ok to almost exclusively eat cheese for a month.

I usually cave halfway through the month when the stress of working in ecommerce around Black Friday hits but I've been pretty good so far! I am writing this with a glass of prosecco in hand but we can just ignore that... There are a couple of things that have really helped me stick to my November health kick, one of these is the Nokia Steel Fitness Tracker which they very kindly sent me to test drive to take part in their City Moves challenge and the other was giving being vegan a go, more of that to come in a later blog post.

I have always loved the idea of a fitness tracker, I find it so motivating having something telling me how much (or more likely how little) I'm moving during the day, it encourages me to get off my arse and into the great outdoors. My problem however is that I refuse to wear a clunky, chunky, plastic watch instead of my usual Larsson & Jennings beauty so I was SO happy to hear about the Nokia Steel, just look at it!

It has a super simple watch face with silver hands and a subtle activity tracker, the small dial on the right goes up to 100% and tracks how close you are to your step goal which you can set within the app. The app is also kind of amazing, it records your activity and your sleep as well as having the option to wake you up silently in the morning with a little buzz.

The watch is also waterproof which is perfect for me as I love to swim, and it also tracks swimming automatically. It is the dream fitness tracker for me, seriously.

I'd been wearing the watch for a couple of weeks but thought we'd put it to the test on a hike in the Lake District one weekend.

We tend to avoid the Lake District past mid November because the weather just gets a bit too dangerous, I had a panic attack on the side of a mountain in the rain last year and I refuse to do that again! But thankfully we got so lucky with the weather and it was the most beautiful autumn day, just look at all the beautiful colours of the landscape.

We walked around 18km on two of the smaller fells in the Lake District, Black Crag and Holme Fell. I'd really recommend Black Crag if you want a beautiful walk that's relatively easy, it's a National Trust walk so is good for all the family and easily accessible. It's only a short drive from Ambleside too.

I was also testing out some of our new clothing from work, I've recently joined the Myprotein team focusing on the clothing and am fully taking advantage of all the samples in the office!

I am wearing the Heartbeat leggings in Navy, the Element 1/4 Zip Top and the Seamless vest in black. I am biased but the clothing is actually really good, well worth a gander.

 I'm also taking part in City Moves challenge so thought it would help boost the Manchester score by racking up an extra 20,000 steps in a day! If you're based in the North of England you should get involved, basically your data from your Nokia Steel is uploaded into your team (Manchester, Yorkshire, Liverpool etc) every day and you battle it out to beat each other. Yet another great way to get my arse off the sofa.

If you want to find out more about the Nokia Steel, take a look here, I would really recommend it for a more chic fitness tracker.


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