Life Lately: October Update

How is it October already? I feel like my life is completely running away with me at the moment, it's going to be Christmas before we know it! Just the mention of Christmas makes me want to stick Elf on instantly I'm not going to lie.

I thought I'd post a little update about what's occurring in my terrifically wild life, spoiler alert, it's not a lot. It's been a pretty quiet month due to starting a new role at work which has left me entirely exhausted at the end of the day and spending the weekend catching up on sleep, attempting to have a life and making up Pomme Pomme orders. I have a few posts in my drafts I need to finish off so I will endeavour to get those babies live this month.


Work has been the biggie this month so far.  I started a new role in the last week of September moving from Beauty (looking after the creative for,, and a few others!) to the unknown world of Myprotein.

I was so excited to try another area of The Hut Group, I've been at THG for just over 6 years and have focused on fashion and beauty throughout my time there so I felt it was time for a change. I'm heading up the brand marketing for Myprotein Clothing and the Active Women range, two areas I am obsessed with in real life and cannot wait to make a difference in!

My first few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind of getting up to speed, meeting everyone, making changes (hopefully for the better) as much as I can and getting photo shoots sorted for the new clothing launches. I'm happy with how it's gone so far so I'm really looking forward to the future, I'm just exhausted!


Our home is getting more 'us' by the month, I can't believe we've nearly been here for a year now!

I have spent a good portion of that year trying to find the perfect dressing table and I finally found one on La Redoute last month, it arrived this weekend and I am in love with it. I feel so grown up getting ready at a dressing table in the morning, I know that's so silly to say but I do! It's so simple and chic, I love it.

We also have a few new additions in the living room in the form of a beautiful grey chair from Swoon which you'll see all over my Instagram, a new coffee table, a beautiful Monstera plant and a globe which both Joe and I have always wanted because we're geeks.

We've also done boring grown up things like getting a Smart Meter installed which is SO much better for making sure you're paying the right amount for your energy but is a nightmare to see exactly how much everything costs, putting the tumble drier on makes me want to cry.


My skin has suffered a little with the change of the seasons and I've had quite a few more spots than I would normally so I've switched up my skincare routine to make sure it's as content as possible. I've added in the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate to help my skin while I sleep and the Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask for when I need a boost. I am in love with both so far! I also placed a Glossier order now they ship to the UK so there will be a few new additions very soon. If you fancy popping a Glossier order of your own in, click here and you'll get 10% off, dream. For clarity, I get credit too if you do, just so you know.

It's also my birthday soon which is rather exciting, we have a lovely weekend away in Belper planned with a trip to Chatsworth House and The Ritz cinema (which has sofas and wine, amazing) but it also means my birthday next year is the big 3-0. HELP. I'm actually not that bothered about being 30, I oddly just don't want to be 29, it seems like such a nothing year, but it's an excuse for a weekend away so I can't complain!

Pomme Pomme

My little side hustle Pomme Pomme is still going strong! I'm not sure how I'm keeping on top of it with everything else that is going on but I'm trying.

I'm quite proud of the Instagram at the moment as I've been posting twice a day and seen followers and engagement growing nicely, it's not amazing in the slightest but I'm happy with it.

It's also amazing to see my blankets on some of my favourite bloggers feeds and channels, I cannot believe the support I've had and it makes me feel all fuzzy inside.


Well that's all I have for the month, and actually looking back it's quite a lot more than I expected there to be when I started writing this post but I guess you don't really realise how much you're doing until you reflect. Here's to seeing more of Joe, my friends and family for the rest of the month, I've not done that enough so far!


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