Starting to Feel Like Home

We are fast approaching a whole year in our house, a whole year of being grown ups with a mortgage and a whole year of not having a lot of time to do anything.

It is so frustrating not having enough time to work on the house, we have a to do list as long as my arm that we want to sort but just haven't had time to get round to. We are starting to make progress in the house but every time someone says 'have you had to do a lot of work?' our response is always 'ermmmmm...' and I instantly feel guilty.


Even the little things are so hard to squeeze in when we work 10 hour days, add on two hours of travel, attempt to have a life, run my little side hustle and attempt to keep up with blogging. Even keeping on top of the washing is too much for my tiny little tired brain!

The absolute angels at Fantastic Services came to my rescue when I needed it most, I'm going through a bit of  a (read: major) role change at work so my brain has been mush and Pomme Pomme has had quite a few orders meaning all of my spare time is filled with knitting. I honestly nearly cried with joy when an email popped into my inbox offering a review of their cleaning services

I thought I'd use it as a little excuse to give you an updated home tour of a few of our new bits and so you can see what a fab job Fantastic Services did for us. Heroes.

Our living room is where we spend a lot of our time so we try to keep it as tidy as possible (which doesn't always go to plan!) but it was so good to have a proper deep clean! I mean, just how shiny are our windows?

We also have a brand new beautiful little chair from Swoon Editions which is instantly my favourite thing in the house, it's so cute and comfy!


Our hallway and kitchen have never looked to lovely and shiny! They even cleaned our famous fridge around our silly fridge magnets. We try and get a fridge magnet from every place we visit and the only place we have photos of us is on there, it's something Joe's parents do and we've somehow inherited the fridge magnet habit!

Our bathroom is in the middle of a little face lift so was in need of a little TLC, it is small but perfectly formed, it now looks super shiny and they managed to get rid of stubborn nasty bits that I thought would be there for life.

So that's what our house is looking like at the moment, not much has changed but thanks to Fantastic Services, it's now looking shiny, clean and saved us SO much time!

If you want to save yourself some time and treat yourself to a deep clean or regular clean, take a look at Fantastic Services, they were so lovely, hard working and thorough. They even cleaned the oven so it was spotless, dream.

*Fantastic Services offered us a deep clean in return for an honest review, all opinions are my own as always.


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