Sunday, 30 July 2017

Making Time to be Creative

Creativity has always been part of my life, my parents both had creative jobs (my Mum was a graphic designer and my Dad is a sculptor) so we were always encouraged to draw, paint and make. We lived in the middle of nowhere in Anglesey until I was about 10 so a big part of my childhood was pretty idyllic (we only had about 3 channels on TV and lived an hour away from the nearest shops) so we made our own fun a lot of the time making clothes for Barbies, creating huge chalk drawings on the patio or drawing mermaids (my very favourite thing to do).

But as a boring grown up with a rather intense full time job, a house that needs some renovation, a blog, a fledgling business and an attempt at some form of social life, my spare time is almost non existent. I've recently changed roles at work to Head of Creative for our beauty sites which has really helped to give the creative side of my brain an outlet, but as it's all digital, I've been trying to add a little more 'real life' creativity at home.

You might not know but I have a little side hustle called Pomme Pomme, I make and sell chunky knit blankets which I love because it means I can physically make something as well as creating a brand. It's been a really interesting experiment as I've been able to build the site, create content, work on the marketing strategy and develop a small but perfectly formed following on Instagram.

I don't use any needles to make the blankets, I make them with my hands and arms so they are truly handmade! I love this way of working because you are so connected with the wool, and when the blanket is finished I'm genuinely proud of it which I rarely ever say.

I'm excited to see where it goes and hoping I can get everything ready for autumn and winter so I can get all hygge!

Another thing I have recently been experimenting with is calligraphy, a couple of months ago I went to the Viking Arty Party where we made a notebook, tried our hand at rubber stamping and, most excitingly for me, had a calligraphy course with Artsynibs. I've been a fan of Artsynibs for so long, she is absolutely incredible (have a look at her work here) so I was made up to be able to try out calligraphy with her.

We were kindly gifted one of her Manuscript calligraphy sets so we could try it at home, I've been using it to make thank you cards and a set of calligraphy and watercolour cards for my sister's birthday, each one with a little treat inside. I find it really relaxing and I'm always amazed by the shapes you can create by just changing the pressure of the nib.

I'm pretty rubbish at it now but I'm going to keep going until I get the hang of it! My end goal would be to develop my own style, a refined version of my handwriting perhaps, that I can easily create beautiful calligraphy. But I think I'm a long way off that!

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