A Little Retail Therapy

Perhaps it's the changing of the seasons but recently I have been desperate to shop. Like crazy lady levels of wanting to make my own version of supermarket sweep.

But, because we've been trying to save up a bit of money to do some work on the house (such a boring grown up) so shopping has had to shoved right to the bottom of the list, which has actually made me want to do it more. Thankfully Lowry Outlet came to my rescue! They set me a challenge to see if I could get everything I needed for the weekend away Joe and I have planned in a couple of weeks with £100 voucher they very kindly donated to Clare's shopping addiction fund.   

Lowry Outlet is just a few miles from our house at Media City, it's been my go to place to shop for basics as it has a Gap outlet which is super handy, but it's not been somewhere I've fully explored to try and get a whole wardrobe so it seemed like a pretty good challenge to undertake. It doesn't have the widest selection of stores but what it does have is great for hunting out steals as everything is at outlet prices, at the moment the summer sale is on so the savings are even better.

The M&S outlet is full of great pieces if you don't mind a bit of a hunt, I love M&S clothes so this was pretty much my heaven.

Everything I'm wearing in these photos is from Lowry Outlet, I'm wearing a French Connection jumpsuit, M&S pink shirt, M&S earrings and lip stain from The Body Shop. The French Connection jumpsuit is my favourite purchase as not only was it reduced from £100 to £25, it's also a size 10 which means this exercise nonsense is actually working as I'm usually a size 12-14!

The French Connection jumpsuit was weirdly from Next, there's a 'Designers' section in there with pieces from French Connection, Whisles, Gestuz and other great brands so it's well worth a dig.

I managed to pick up £280 worth of goodies for £99 (yep, I made a spreadsheet, I'm cool) so I'd say it was a pretty successful shopping trip all round. That includes two jumpsuits, a bikini, make-up, two tops, a gym and a pyjama top, I won at shopping.

I'll show you everything I picked up in a few weeks when we head to Formby Hall for a well deserved break after the crazy month that July has ended up being, I cannot wait for some R&R with Joe.

For more info take at look at the Lowry Outlet site here, or head down to Media City and see how much you can save in their summer sale.

*Lowry Outlet very kindly gave me £100 voucher to spend in their summer sale but all thoughts are my own.


  1. That jumpsuit is gorgeous & it looks amazing on you. I always forget about the Lowry Outlet & haven't been there in years. After seeing the treats you managed to snap up I think a little visit is in order.


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