Tuesday, 27 June 2017

The Best Accessory for a Budget Flight

One of my favourite things about flying is that I get to watch films. Ever since I was little when we went on family holidays to Menorca, back in the day when about 4 rows of seats used to share one TV that emerged from the overhead baggage, this was my favourite part of the flight. My mum still asks 'what films did you watch?' as a priority when we get back from holiday!

But in recent years budget airlines have taken over and we've become more savvy when it comes to saving on travel costs. The problem with budget airlines is that all of the fun of watching films is taken away, don't get me wrong, I'd much rather save hundreds of pounds by travelling with a budget airline but it does make me a little bit sad that I don't have the excitement of getting to choose a film to keep me occupied.

So when I found out our flights to Canada were film free, I accessorised. Snakehive, a leather phonce case company who believe in quality accessories without the huge price tag, had sent me a phone case to try out. When I ordered it I didn't have this in mind but thankfully I had it in my handbag as we boarded the flight and realised it was the best thing we could have had.

It's a wallet style, leather phone case that keeps your phone safe but also props up easily so it's at the perfect angle for watching films, much easier than balancing it against a can of coke on a tray table like we were doing before, amateurs.

Joe and I always like to watch films and TV series together so this made it nice and easy to share. He actually loved my case so much he bought himself one!

I have this phone case* which is £22.95, a really good price for a high quality leather case, but they also have a range of smaller cases, wooden cases and pastel cases too. They're well worth a look if you need a new phone case or are heading away on a budget flight this summer. Take a look at the Snakehive site here if you fancy.


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