Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Five Last Minute Father's Day Gifts (for Dads you don't see that much)

Father's Day is one of those national days I actually look forward to (not quite as much as National Gin Day of course), as it's an excuse to actually see my Dad. I'm not a model daughter and tend to let life get in the way of catching up with my Dad so I need a valid excuse to get away from work and life to make the effort to see him. I enjoy seeing him so much it's silly we don't see each other more often!

We're both really busy and don't live that close to each other so we rarely meet up just because. I can't be the only one who rarely sees their Dad but wants to change that so I've put together a few ideas for last minute Father's Day gifts that focus on spending quality time together so you can make that time count.

Make your own Pub Crawl

All you need for this is a list of good pubs in your area (or further afield if you fancy a day trip) and voila, you have a thoughtful gift tailored to your Dad's taste.

Why not make a hand drawn map of the pub crawl (not quite like The World's End but...), you can just pop it in a card and then he has a personal memento of the day too. If you're Dad isn't into booze, go for something else like a cake tour of your town or

Go out for a Meal

But not just any meal, go for a multi course meal so you have plenty of time to catch up! There are loads of set menu options around Father's Day so if you're both free that weekend, that's an ideal option. But if you're not, get him a voucher that is valid that you can redeem at a later date that workd for both of you. I'm taking my Dad out for a three course meal at Zizzi thanks to a voucher from Tesco Direct* who came to my rescue this year.

Choose an Experience Day you can share

Is your Dad a bit of a daredevil? Opt for a sky dive! Into cars? Take him for a day at Silverstone! Likes to relax? Book a spa day! It's the easy peasy gift that leaves it in his hands and gives you an excuse to see each other at a later date too. Tesco also have 20% off experience days here at the moment, perfect.

When in doubt, next day delivery

This is this time when Amazon Prime comes into its element, if you've only just realised it's Father's Day this weekend, head online and pick something with next day delivery. Because so many people will, there's usually free next day delivery offers floating around too. Win.

Get last minute tickets to an event

There's always something on to enjoy around Father's Day that you can get last minute tickets to. This weekend it's Gardener's World Live at the NEC in Birmingham so why not try to get your hands on a ticket to meet Monty?

I'm a bad daughter but I also have a job with long hours, run a blog and try to have some form of social life so anything I can do to make more time to see my Dad that fits into our busy schedules, I'm happy to do.

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