Thursday, 1 June 2017

A Tour of Our Bedroom

It's been six months (six months!) since we moved into our new home and I'll be honest, we haven't done as much to it as we would have liked to. Life has kind of got in the way and before we knew it, this house has been ours for half a year, madness. 

But even though we haven't done a huge amount of work on the house, it's more than enough to make it ours. This week has been a pretty good one for progress though, we've now got a fully fledged bed in the spare room ready for visitors this weekend and finally found the perfect chair for the bay window in our bedroom. So I thought I'd give you a little tour of our bedroom as it is at the moment, it's nowhere near finished but it's getting there, one pink velvet chair at a time...
The most recent addition that has tied it all together is our beautiful chair of dreams. It's the French Connection Zinc Cuddler Sofa in Pink Velvet* from DFS and I am in love with it, I couldn't help but take photos of it straight away so I could share it with you, I'm a chair loser.

Originally I had my heart set on a chaise lounge but we just couldn't find one that we liked enough, so we started looking for other options, deciding finally that a wide armchair would be ideal. DFS got in touch and the stars aligned, I spent hours poring over the site and finally managed to twist Joe's arm into a pink velvet number, 10 points to Gryffindor for me!

Our bed was also a pretty late addition, we were sleeping on our mattress for about a month after moving in, which even though it's a ridiculously comfy Leesa one, it was still on the floor. This was purely because we couldn't find a bed we wanted, we're so picky it's crazy. When we moved in we decided that we were going to invest in furniture and only buy things that were built to last and that we could live with for years. We ended up opting for this simple, wood Habitat Tatsuma bed which has been amazing.

It also looks fab with our Rainforest Green bedding from Christy which judging by these photos I should really iron... But genuinely who has time to iron bedding?

Another new addition is our wooden lampshade from Design Eighty One, I can't believe we went so long without a lampshade, it sounds like we were essentially living in a crack den but in reality we're just indecisive and picky! It's not until you buy and decorate a house together that you find out how different your very similar taste is!

So there it is, our little pink, green and grey bedroom. We've tried to create somewhere that is an oasis of calm that we can just head to at the end of a busy day and relax. It's one of my favourite rooms in the house and is huge, the photo above is only half, there's so much room for activities! But it also means there's a lot of space to play with so we have to be sensible which I'm not very good at, see pink velvet chair for reference.

The next project is the other side of the room where our clothes are currently on rails and IKEA cube shelves, if you have any suggestions for how to tackle that fun project, let me know!

Eagle eyed readers will spot the little paint swatches too, we can't decide between pale pink or pale grey for the walls, answers on a postcard please.


  1. What a lovely room. Love the big window. That chair is lovely, but I also love the bedding too and don't worry I don't iron mine either!!

    Debs xx

  2. Love the little chair - our bedroom is too small at the moment but I'd love in future to have one big enough to fit a big chair in there too!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  3. Love the colours, and that sofa/chair is just dreamy!

  4. We haven't got any lamp shades at all, in any room. Welcome to the crack den! Looking great you guys.

    Buckets & Spades


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