Sunday, 25 June 2017

A Picnic in Lightoaks Park

There are many things in life that signify when you're an adult and I've made quite a few grown up purchases in the past year; I've bought my first house, got my first car and I've even considered making my own curtains. But perhaps the most grown up thing I own is a picnic basket. 

No more shoving everything in bags for life and managing to forget things like plates, knives and a bottle opener, as the magical picnic basket has all of those essentials already taken care of. Even wine glasses, win. 

The lovely people at Wayfair got in touch and offered me a choice of the picnic basket range, I didn't even know that many types of picnic baskets existed. It was all in celebration of National Picnic Week which ends today, the perfect excuse to take your lunch al fresco or plan a last minute gin get together like we did!

Laura, Kate, Rebecca and I took advantage of a rare sunny weekend in Salford, leftover pork pie from our trip to Melton Mowbray, a fresh bottle of Tinker gin and decided to pack up a picnic.

We ventured to Lightoaks Park which is only a short walk away from my house, it's a great spot for a picnic as there is plenty of grass and, as the name suggests, oak trees dotted around for shade. We did however find that dogs are also partial to a picnic so made a lot of new doggy friends that day!

I am absolutely in love with my new picnic basket and am finding any excuse to take it it: we got home early from work? Picnic time! It's stopped raining for 10 minutes? Picnic time! It's Sunday? Picnic time!

It feels like such a grown up addition to our homeware, it has everything you need for a picnic like a built in cool bag, plates and cutlery, but it also has completely unnecessary things like tiny salt and pepper shakers and mini wine glasses, just in case you don't carry your own massive gin goblets around like we do. If you're interested it is this* picnic basket, and is now in the sale!

If you want to take a look at Wayfair's picnic basket range and have your very own picnic this summer, take a look here. I highly recommend a gin picnic!


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  1. Oh wow look at that spread! What a beauty of a picnic basket too!
    A Story of a Girl


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