Sunday, 21 May 2017

The Tech Detox Diary

Our usual bedtime routine consists of me falling asleep on Joe on the settee at a ridiculously early time before dragging myself to bed, taking off my make up with my eyes half closed, taking out my contact lenses and then deciding it's a good idea to watch half an hour of YouTube, check Instagram, scroll through twitter and check emails before Joe joins me after his Match of the Day or other football related nonsense fix. Surprise, surprise, it isn't a good idea and I spend ages trying to get to sleep afterwards.

I know it's a silly thing to do and it's a habit I need to get out of but I always really need to know what handbag Lydia Elise Millen has bought this week or where in the world Victoria is, I also see it as a bit of a me time before Joe comes to bed but it does absolutely nothing for my sleep cycle.

Thankfully bed and mattress specialist Time 4 Sleep challenged me to a tech detox to see if it improved my sleep pattern at all, it seemed like the perfect time to make some changes to my relationship with technology. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with my phone but I am heavily reliant on it, working in e-commerce, running my blog, keeping social media up to date, knowing what's going on in the world and running Pomme Pomme on the side means that my phone is almost constantly in my hand. 

I've been putting the tech detox to the test this past week, as we just got back from Canada we needed all the help we could get to get back into a normal sleep pattern.

I usually head to bed around 11pm take about 20 minutes to get to sleep, wake up several times in the night and always snooze my alarm a couple of times before I get up at 6.15. I was really intrigued to see if this pattern changed at all by reducing the amount of time I spend on my phone before bed time, could I train myself to not care about Lydia's new handbag? I think it's going to be a struggle!

Day 1 - Saturday

This is the day we got home from Canada, we'd been travelling for about 24 hours and had about 3 hours sleep on the plane so we were knackered! I'd spent a lot of time on my phone during the flights and train journeys so I'm sick to death of it by this point, I wanted to throw it in the sea.

I downloaded Moment so I could track how much time I was spending on my phone (thanks Liv and Sally for the suggestion!) so hopefully it will help.

We wanted to avoid jet lag as much as physically possible so decided to try to stay up throughout the day so we could sleep through the night, I made a concerted effort to stay away from my phone to kick off the tech detox. Miraculously it worked and I managed to sleep for 13 hours only waking up once. It was SO nice being back in our own bed too, our bed and mattress are the best purchases we've ever made!

Day 2 - Sunday

As it was the day before we headed back to work, getting back into a routine was so important. By the time bed time rolled around, I was completely wide awake, thanks a lot jet lag... We'd had a bottle of prosecco over the course of the evening as a little last hoorah, I was expecting that to help me get a bit sleepier but alas no joy. I also resisted the temptation of checking work emails because I knew that would keep me up all night which I thankfully managed!

I decided to have an extra long bed time routine to get myself ready for sleep, I double cleansed my face, used a face mask, dry brushed from head to toe, had a shower and tried to get to sleep. I failed miserably and ended up watching YouTube for about 45 minutes. Great work Clare. I slept really badly but still managed to get up on time with only one snooze and got through the day at work without feeling too tired.

Day 3 - Monday

After our first day back at work we were pretty knackered so when bed time rolled around I expected to be able to fall asleep straight away, but jet lag had other plans. I usually go to bed around 10.30/11 but I didn't even feel nearly tired until midnight so we headed to bed then instead, we both managed to avoid our phones and got to sleep in about half an hour. I also didn't wake up once in the night which is great for me!

Day 4 - Tuesday

My body was pretty much back to UK time by now so I found it easier to get to sleep, I carried on with my long bed time routine (double cleansing, body brushing etc) and made Joe come to bed at the same time so we fell asleep easily and slept pretty well. I always feel like I can't get to sleep until Joe comes to bed too so I tried to involve him in this experiment as much as possible but he does love a bit of Match of the Day!

Day 5 - Wednesday

Today was shocking for my phone use, I spent about 4 hours on my phone during the day which is an offensive amount! Thanks to Moment tracking everything I could see that today was not a good day for my tech detox.

I was in a meeting in Manchester all day and a Selfridges beauty event in the evening so that meant keeping myself amused on the bus in and out of town, making sure I was up to date on emails throughout the day and posting about the event so it wasn't a normal day but still WAY too long to spend on my phone! Once I got home from the event I posted a photo on Instagram and then put my phone in a different room so I could catch up with Joe properly and wind down before bed.

Day 6 - Thursday

After that ridiculous tech day I vowed to myself that I'd stick to under 2 hours screen time a day (still too much but I can't just go cold turkey!). Moment is a really good app to download if you want to track your phone usage, you can also track which apps you're spending the most time on, I know which ones are my downfall though, it's always Instagram, YouTube and twitter.

I managed to stick to an hour and a half on my phone today so felt pretty proud of myself, I also decided to take my knitting to bed rather than my phone, I'm turning into such an old lady... But having a hobby like this is pretty relaxing and includes no technology, I'm going to try out calligraphy next I think.

Day 7 - Friday

The last day of the official detox and it had been a long week at work so we decided to have a relaxing evening in with pizza, prosecco, chatting and watching Passengers on Sky. We were heading to the Lake District for a hike the following day so we made sure to go to bed around midnight so we could get a full 8 hours ahead of the hike. Again we managed to avoid too much phone time before bed and slept like babies, I only woke up once in the night too so I was pretty happy. It was a struggle to get up in the morning but I think that was the prospect of a rainy hike!

The Verdict

All in all, I would so recommend giving the tech detox a go if you struggle to get to sleep and your phone is part of your nightly routine. I wouldn't cut it out completely as it's not really possible every night (so many YouTube videos, so little time) but aim to have a few tech free nights a week, it will definitely help you to wind down and make sure you have more quality sleep.

A Few Tips...

  • Get yourself a proper bed time routine that allows you to wind down before sleep, think of it as almost meditation to get your body ready for sleep. Just make sure this doesn't include staring at your phone! 
  • Invest in your bed and mattress to make sure you're as comfortable as you can be
  • Download Moment (or similar app) to track how long you spend on your phone, you will be surprised by how much it adds up! 
  • Set a reminder on your phone for bed time to help get you in a routine, on an iPhone you can do this in the clock app

*This post is in collaboration with Time 4 Sleep but all love of sleep is my own.


  1. This is such a good idea. I downloaded moment and was genuinely shocked that one day I managed to use my phone for 6 hours.... (granted, I read on it but still!). I find that I sleep way better if I don't use my phone directly before bedtime x

  2. I'm quite good about switching my phone off early and winding down before bed. I'd be intrigued to try that moment app! X

    Everything But The Kitchen

  3. Loved this post, really should download the app that tells me how long I am spending on my phone, although I am kind of scared to know! xx

    Lauren Rose:


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