The Nest Series: 7 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Seeing as I have a mountain of home content piling up and, now that we're home from Canada, the house is our number one priority, I thought I'd start a new series of posts so here goes The Nest Series! 

Our house is pretty big, it's a Victorian terrace house with high ceilings, big windows and huge rooms. Apart from the bathroom. The bathroom is miniature and there's only one which for a three bedroom house isn't ideal. Until we've saved up enough to extend it or add another one, we're making do with the pocket size bathroom and we've worked our magic to create the feel of more space. I have a few friends who are struggling with the same issue so I've put together a few tips and tricks in case they're helpful to you guys too.

Colour Palette

In a small space it's best to keep a neutral colour palette with a limited amount of shades, this creates the illusion of more space. Cramming too many colours into a small space can make it look and feel busy.

It helps to keep the palette tonally the same as outside the room too, we have light grey and white in the hallway so we've kept the bathroom grey and white with grey towels to keep it flowing. Obviously if you love colour, embrace it! But aim to keep it to a couple of colours to make the space feel bigger.

Add a little luxury

Even though it's a small space, you can add luxury by picking up high end products like Aesop and super soft towels (we have Christy ones which I managed to win in a competition!) to create a mini spa feel. Aesop products are great too because they look amazing as well, there's nothing more Pinterest worthy in a bathroom than an Aesop handwash!

Add some Greenery

You know I'm obsessed with plants so it would be weird if I didn't have some in the bathroom! By adding plants it breathes life into a small space and brightens up the room, just make sure you choose one that is suited to humid environments.

A bit of metallic helps too, anything reflective is great in a small space, I got this plant pot from H&M home, my absolute favourite place for homeware bits and bobs.

Make the most of your storage

Storage doesn't have to be boring, it can be the focal point of the room and add extra interest to the styling. When we moved in we had a white, wooden cabinet which was too small to fit in anything useful and took up too much of the space to be able to fit anything else in.

We replaced it for this brass storage unit* from Next (along with an extra basket for my beauty products) which allows us to have stylish storage for products, towels and homeware bits and bobs on the top which previously we struggled to fit in. Always go up with small bathrooms so you can make the most of the space, ladder shelves are another great way to make the most of your small storage space.

Also utilise close to the wall towel rails and hooks, they're a great way of saving space.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirrors are so good at creating the illusion of space, we have a large one on the wall opposite the shower which makes the room feel so much bigger and a small one on top of the storage unit for a little extra. The small one is from Zara and I love it! (similar here)

We also have a transparent glass shower screen (we have a shower over the bath) so there's not any extra, unnecessary screes or walls in the room.

Tile all the way to the ceiling

In quite a lot of bathrooms you'll see the tiles stop just above where the splash of the shower or bath will be, but if you tile all the way to the ceiling, it makes it feel like there is more space in the room. Instead of creating blocks of colour, this keeps it really simple and keeps your eyes flowing around the space.

Add a splash of colour

Even if you're sticking to a neutral colour palette, you can add a splash of colour in your accessories. We don't have a huge amount but have a splash of bright yellow in our HAY bathmat, it helps to brighten up the room without becoming a focal point.


I hope you've enjoyed the first in the series of The Nest Series (see what I've done there with Tweet?), let me know if there's anything else you want to know more about or if you have any questions. Leave any comments below to let me know what you think and if you'd be interested in seeing more!


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