Pink Gin & Green Leaves

This weekend's weather has been surprisingly delicious, with both days seeing an enviable amount of sunshine and blue sky. We woke up relatively early this morning so decided to make the most of the weather and head over to Yorkshire Sculpture Park, one of our favourite places to spend a sunny day and soak up a bit of culture. 

After easily getting to 10,000 steps (an almost impossible task during the week thanks to office lyf) we've now settled on the sofa listening to Joe's purchases from Record Store Day, basking in the sunshine that is streaming through our bay windows, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to crack out this month's Gin Explorer box to wind down before what is likely to be a mad last week at work before we head to Canada.


I was particularly excited about this box as it not only had Manchester Gin (a gin close to my heart and postcode) but also had a quinine free mixer in the form of Fentimans Rose Lemonade, a win for me as I'm allergic to tonic. I was pleasantly surprised to be met with 3 other gins I'd never tried before - Bertha's Revenge Gin, Alnwick Gin and Lillard Gin so let's have a closer look. 

A great thing about this month's box is that all the gins match perfectly with orange or pink grapefruit meaning you can enjoy them all with only a couple of ingredients.

I also have fancy new gin glasses thanks to the lovely people at LSA, Joe's reaction when I brought them home was a sarcastic 'oh good, we don't have any gin glasses...' but we actually don't have any coupe glasses so they were a very welcome addition to our collection! You can see them here if you fancy a nosey.

 Alnwick Gin, Northumberland

I love Alnwick so was really excited to try this one and I was not disappointed, it's created from a mixture of local and exotic botanicals which come together to form an incredibly smooth, versatile gin that will go with pretty much everything. It's crisp, full bodied and aromatic with undertones of fennel, black pepper and coriander seeds. The recommended pairing is with grapefruit or orange and tonic water.

Bertha's Revenge Milk Gin, Co. Cork Ireland

An entirely unique gin, this is created using whey alcohol (most gins are made using barley or wheat grain spirit) along with 18 different locally foraged botanicals. Bertha was a beloved cow who was somewhat of a local celebrity, she was even in the Guinness Book of Records for being the oldest cow in the world, she inspired the gin as they wanted to create something in honour of her. It goes really well with orange or pink grapefruit zest as well as tonic water to bring out its interesting texture and taste.

Manchester Gin, Manchester

This is a small batch gin based in the heart of Manchester created by two gin lovers who wanted to create something special. It's a premium gin that embraces the traditional roots of the north within the flavours by using Dandelion and Burdock. It's a lovely, mellow gin with a perfect balance of dryness and spice. It's recommended to be enjoyed with pink grapefruit or orange peel alongside pink grapefruit tonic water.

Lillard Gin, Scotland

Everything in Lillard Gin is locally sourced, utilising botanicals from all four seasons in Scotland from local spring water to rosehips. Combined these create a light, floral flavour that works perfectly with orange rind and rose lemonade, a real treat for a sunny day.

*The Gin Explorer box was sent to me in return for an honest review, all love of gin and sunshine is my own.


  1. I really love your Gin Explorer posts, I keep meaning to sign up but can never seem to find the money. It's my birthday month this month so that might just be the excuse I need!


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