Five Trends to Invest In this Season

I’m in the midst of a spending ban. Thanks to a new mortgage, new car and trip to Canada at the end of the month, I’m watching every penny I spend. It however seems to have made me crave shopping and, given the change of seasons, desire an entirely new wardrobe. Sigh.

I do have a little bit of money put aside to treat myself to some new bits and pieces for our trip to Canada, but I want to be wise with what I buy and invest in quality pieces that will effortlessly transition from season to season.

With a little help from The Style Guide on Farfetch, I’ve picked out 5 key trends to buy into now that will see you through until the end of the year. Indulge me, I’m essentially writing out a shopping list and rationalising each purchase.

The Capsule Wardrobe

This is a trend that has been growing over the past couple of years and I’m finally willing to ditch my fast fashion ways and embrace it. Instead of opting for a quick fix, I’m going for quality over quantity and buying pieces that will last me longer than a few wears. This means really thinking about how your clothes work together and

Start by assessing your wardrobe, clearing out everything that you don’t wear (be ruthless!) and figuring out where the gaps are. Are you missing the perfect black blazer? Do you have jeans that fit you in all the right places? Then once you’ve done that, fill in the gaps. But take your time doing so, there’s no need to rush. Unless of course you’ve thrown away all your tops because that might get awkward at work.

Read more about how to create a capsule wardrobe here.

The Block Heel Ankle Boot

Ankle boots are my jam. They are my shoe of choice (apart from a solid Grenson brogue or Nike trainer when I’m off duty) and require at least two pairs to be on rotation at all times. Sadly, my trusty Clarks boots are near death so it’s time to invest in a new pair that will survive a trip to Canada and the treacherous walk from the office from our less than desirable car park. 

Instead of a classic black boot as I would usually go for, I’m on the lookout for something  that is more of a statement shoe. I’m not going quite as far as Ziggy Stardust but Farfetch recommend opting for a statement feature like a transparent heel or embroidery.

Read more about the block heel ankle boot trend here.

The Bathrobe

I’m a big fan of any trend that will allow me to wear my PJs in public so I’m fully on board with this one. I spend the majority of my waking hours at home shrouded in a bathrobe and finally it’s socially acceptable to wear one to work, rejoice!

With designers from Gucci to Alexander Wang sending bathrobes down the runway, it’s about time I embraced this trend. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve rocked a kimono in my time but this is next level bathrobery. I’m thinking floor length, silky numbers to replace my trusty duster jackets from last season. They instantly luxe up a simple look, think jeans and a simple black tee with a silky bathrobe and ankle boots.

Read more about the bathrobe trend here.

The Khaki Trouser

Khaki is fast becoming one of my favourite colours, it’s flattering, goes with pretty much everything and is a welcome refresh from my classic uniform of all black everything. As much as khaki is becoming my favourite colour, trousers are becoming my favourite item of clothing to style, put these together and we have a winner.

Just to be clear, I’m not talking khaki military cargo pants with tassels as worn by the likes of Cleopatra (comin’ atcha) and The Spice Girls in the nineties, I’m thinking more along the lines of simply cut culottes paired with grey, nude and black layers. I think I’ve got an outfit for Canada sorted right there.

Read more about the khaki trouser trend here.

The Botanical Embellishment

Florals for spring? How ground breaking. Streep aside, it is the perfect time to embrace your floral side. I didn’t really think that I had one until I fell in love with the botanical embroidery of Valentino’s pre-SS17 collection.

The botanical embellishment, if invested in correctly, will see you through the next couple of seasons. Opt for floral embroidery on black (or any neutral colour) if you want to play it safe or opt for an electric shade for a statement piece to stand out until the end of the year, it’s all in the seasonal styling after all.

Read more about the botanical trend here.

For more style inspiration, head over to The Style Guide at Farfetch.

*All images from Farfetch


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