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This year has really shown me how strong women can be; from thousands of women standing up for their rights across the world to the seemingly small things like tackling a new job head on. International Women's Day saw women (and men) around the world tackle female empowerment and equality and it was amazing to see so many brands using their power to spread the word.

Christy felt the same and their March campaign is all about celebrating women in all walks of life, finding out the gifts that women have shared with each other and what we plan to share with other women.

They were lovely enough to send me a treat hamper of personalised Christy bathrobes, a bottle of champagne and a bouquet of flowers from Bloom & Wild to share with a friend for us to have a pamper day while raising a glass to women everywhere. I wanted to take this opportunity by celebrating a few women who are inspiring me at the moment, after all it's been a pretty whirlwind year so far.

Unfortunately a few colleagues and myself attended a funeral of a former colleague who sadly passed away after her struggle with bowel cancer. She was incredibly inspiring before and throughout her illness, she was forever positive and confident, always looking on the bright side and was running up until she wasn't able to. 

She gave us all a better perspective on life by living hers to the full, and her motto is something we all repeat regularly when we're stressing about things at work - 'it's only shampoo' puts everything in perspective when you're worrying about what feels like a huge issue at work (we worked in the beauty division of The Hut Group) but actually means nothing in the grand scheme of things. After her funeral we all promised to have a better work/life balance and embrace everything we possibly can. If you want to find out more about bowel cancer or to donate to find a cure, click here.

On a much lighter note, Naomi who I shared my pamper hamper with is one of the loveliest, most supportive people I have ever met. She's one of those people who has been a bridesmaid for about a million people (slight exaggeration) because everybody loves her, she is always in a good mood and never fails to lift my spirits! Sharing this pamper day with Naomi was my gift to her as thanks for all the joy she has brought me over the years.

My mum, sister and nan are some of the most inspiring women and mothers I know. I spent this weekend with them and will be back again next weekend to celebrate Mother's Day, I am determined to spend more time with them this year and stop prioritising work quite so much.

They are all strong, confident and happy (and a little silly sometimes) women and have made us into the women we are today. My nieces Ruby and Rosie also deserve a little mention as they are wonderful, brave, creative, clever and crazy, they're my favourite little monsters.

There has been a bit of a re-structure at work this week and I am so, so proud of all of my female colleagues who have bagged amazing new roles and are already releasing their inner girl boss. I am so excited to see how everyone gets on in their new roles and excited to work with them to build amazing things in the future. Special mentions go out to Laura, Sally and Caroline who have dived in head first and made huge differences already!

There's also Justine, one of my oldest friends at The Hut Group (in tenure, not age!) who has recently made the very brave decision to leave THG after 6 years to pursue her dream job. I'm sure she'll be incredible and I have every faith in her achieving her goal.

Well, that was a little more heartfelt than I expected when I started writing this post, it's been an emotional week and it's so important for us all to take joy in the little things, embrace every moment and challenge ourselves to be the best we can be. But also, take time to pamper ourselves, re-charge and step back every now and then.


  1. Lovely Clare. We should all do good things and fun things and things that challenge us and give us a buzz. Most importantly spend time with those you love. Litsa. X #itsonlyshampoo


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