Wednesday, 29 March 2017

A Mini Desk Tour

I'm going to be honest, I am not a naturally tidy person. I try my best to keep everything in order but it's more of an organised chaos than anything else, basically I like things and don't have a lot of time so the things end up everywhere.

But, there's one place that always has to be tidy. My desk at work always needs to be in order otherwise I get a little bit stressed out, which is not productive at all! I recently started a new role at work which means a fresh, new, bigger desk and an opportunity to create a calming work space so I thought I'd give you a little tour before I cover it in forms and products!

My first port of call was to pick up a few new plants to help create a calming space as well as provide that little bit of extra oxygen in an attempt to avoid that 3pm slump. I picked up an aloe vera, fern and a baby cactus that looks like Mickey Mouse from B&Q. I also wanted to keep the colour scheme quite fresh with green, grey, white and brass being the main shades so I picked up a pale green ceramic pot from B&Q as well as dark grey and brass pots from H&M home. Apparently I only buy plant things from brands with an ampersand...

I also always have at least one kind of hand cream on my desk at all times, at the moment I have heavy duty Hemp hand cream from The Body Shop for when my skin is really dry as well as a Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir hand and body lotion for when my skin is nice and healthy.

I drink SO much water while I'm in the office I've actually got three different water bottles/cups on my desk ready to hydrate at any time! I have a Bobble filter bottle which isn't in these photos, as well as two Kate Spade tumblers with straws from Rooi so I can have one on my desk and one in the fridge so there's always chilled water ready for me. I've got the Navy Larabee polka dot tumbler* and the Eat Cake for Breakfast tumbler*, they are both so cute and brighten up my desk nicely.

I am also a massive stationery nerd so I always have new pens and notebooks on my desk, at the moment I'm using my Kate Spade leaf notebook that is so near the end now so it's the perfect excuse to get a new one! At the moment brass pens are my thing so I have a collection of HAY bullet pens as well as the very satisfactorily heavy Minimalux pen Joe got me for my birthday last year which I adore.

I've also started writing my to do list on a mini whiteboard (which you can see in the first image behind the hand cream) to reduce the amount of paper is use as well as the amount of notes on my desk, it's so satisfying to wipe tasks off it as well rather than just crossing it out! I just picked up a pack of 5 laptop size whiteboards from Amazon, nothing fancy but I'm hoping it helps reduce the amount of paper I go through.

And that's it for now! I'm sure there will be another update as I need to find a storage solution for the other side of my desk and I also need to upgrade to a Mac now I'm in the Creative team so my desk should look a little different in a month or so. I hope you liked the tour!

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