The Chop

One thing I'm always happy to experiment with is my hair, since I turned 21 and decided to shave it off (yes, that happened, yes I have photos) I've not been precious about it. I'm happy to experiment with different lengths, styles and, in the last few years, colours. After all, it grows back.

Thanks to having regular trips to the hairdressers and avoiding using things like coloured dyes, extensions and chemicals on my hair, it is really healthy which means it grows quickly. Sometimes too quickly in fact, I have to trim my fringe at least every 2 weeks so I can actually see out...

My most recent change is thanks to the lovely stylists at David Rozman in Manchester after I was invited in to experience their salon. At the last minute I decided to get rid of my near elbow length waves in favour of a long bob and balayage along with my usual heavy fringe. I was just planning to get a trim and a balayage top up but, to be honest, it was in dire need of a proper cut to bring it back to full health.

I'd never actually heard of David Rozman before being invited in but after chatting to a few people, it seems everyone I spoke to had heard of it and been a regular customer of theirs in the past so I had full faith that they'd do a good job with my barnet. I popped in the week before for a patch test and consultation with Guy the colourist and Ryan the stylist to run through exactly what I wanted as well of testing the dye on my skin of course. They were both so lovely and I couldn't wait to head back in for the full treatment.

When I went in for my actual appointment, I broke the news that I wanted a few (or 7) more inches cutting off and the guys adapted so quickly and easily to my diva-ish requests, I even had David himself say it was ok before going ahead! We kicked off the appointment by chopping off my ponytail, way to jump right in! This was so they didn't waste any time or bleach on the lengths of my hair that would end up being chopped off anyway. Guy took to my hair and worked his magic, creating layers of blonde through the length to build up the balayage effect and finished with a colour match of my natural hair on the top to blend perfectly and give my hair a high shine.

Once I was done and dusted with the colour, I headed over to Ryan who was armed and ready with his Dyson hairdryer and scissors to give me my new shorter look. I'm going to make a pretty bold statement here, this was easily the best haircut I've ever had. Ryan worked with my hair perfectly to cut it to my desired mid-length, then blow dried it straight before making any tweaks, this meant that he didn't miss a single follicle. He also got my fringe and pesky cow lick perfect, I have no words to describe how much this means to me as only one other hairdresser has managed to do this in my life. It's kind of a big deal guys.

So this is my new look, it's been about two weeks since the chop and I'm so happy with my decision, the cut and the colour. It's SO much easier (and fun!) to style, my natural waves can make it bounce up or I can have it straight or textured, there is so much more I can do with it. Plus I can still get it into a top knot!

If you want to find out more about the David Rozman salon, take a look here and book your consultation.

*I received a complimentary cut and colour from David Rozman salons in return for my honest review, all opinions are entirely my own.


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