Sunday, 12 February 2017

Mini Reviews of every film we've seen so far this year

Joe and I watch a lot of films, we both love films and enjoy unwinding in front of good (or not so good...) film so I thought I'd keep track of everything we watched this year so far, both at the cinema and at home. Some are actually really good films and some are utter shite, so please don't judge!


We went to see this the day before we went back to work after Christmas with the hope of a bit of an uplifting experience to put us in a good frame of mind for 2017. Mark Kermode gave it a blisteringly good review so we went into the cinema expecting big things and weren't disappointed.

A Monster Calls

This is a rather wonderful film but be prepared to cry. I didn't realise quite how emotional it would be after only briefly seeing the trailer, the only warning I had was Joe saying that we were going to cry on the way into the cinema, NOT ENOUGH WARNING.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

This was such an adorable film, I love Sam Neill and Taktaa (the director) so I was sold from the very beginning. It's available now on Netflix.

The Mechanic

Utter tosh. Joe loved it. 

Green Room

It's a weird horror/sub-culture/dystopian film with nazis and Patrick Stewart. This was actually quite good.

5 to 7

An odd, but quite cute little romantic comedy based around a married woman who has an open relationship with a younger guy. Worth a watch if you have nothing else on.

Kids in Love

Utter tosh. We only managed about a quarter of it.

La La Land

This was absolute glorious. It felt like going back to the golden age of musicals and film, with added Ryan Gosling. It made me want to take up tap dancing, learn to play the piano and wear colours other than black. Well, nearly.

What's Your Number

So, I had a day off work and wanted to watch Crazy, Stupid, Love but Netflix had other ideas offering my only rubbish films.

War Dogs

This was probably my favourite film of the year so far, it was serious enough to feel like we were watching a serious film but with enough humour/silliness to make it really easy watching. It's basically Sexy Beast crossed with 21 Jump Street.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

When we were in Antwerp we stayed in the best Airbnb (there's a post coming on that soon) and Crazy, Stupid, Love was on Netflix. We decided to have a night in after days of exploring so indulged with a bottle of wine, chocolate and Gosling.


As much as we enjoyed this film, it felt a little too 'fun' compared to the original which we both loved. It was basically a really good version of 'Last Vegas' with heroin.

The LEGO Batman Movie

We were SO excited about this release but were a little bit disappointed. It was funny and we loved all the little references but it just missed the mark slightly. We still enjoyed it though.

This is 40

We're watching this right now before the BAFTAs. We've been out all day so wanted something silly to watch while we got settled in, it's pretty funny and Paul Rudd is always good .

I just realised how light our film choices have been this year, we definitely need to watch something a little bit more serious this month! I can't wait to watch Hidden Figures, that's definitely next on my list. What is next on yours?

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