Sunday, 19 February 2017

A Stay at Antwerp Loft

Earlier this month we ran away from everything and spent a few days in Belgium, we managed to get super cheap flights to Brussels but decided to explore Bruges and Antwerp instead of staying in Brussels itself. We spent a lovely couple of days in Bruges (more on that in a later post) and then headed to Antwerp for a whistle stop tour, we'd got lucky and found what looked like the best Airbnb apartment we've ever seen just outside of the city centre. When we arrived it was grey and raining so we popped into a little restaurant in the square for lunch, had a couple of Belgian beers and made our way over to explore the apartment...

It did not disappoint. I mean seriously, it was next level Airbnb. From the beautiful exposed brickwork to the impeccably styled living space, it was pretty much perfection. All the furniture was from as far as we could tell and it looked like it had just fallen out of Pinterest.

We got ourselves settled and decided to change our plans for the evening, we were knackered from travelling and exploring Bruges so decided to stay in with a nice bottle of red and Crazy, Stupid, Love on Netflix.

It is not an apartment to stay in if you're not 100% comfortable with who you're staying with as the bath and shower are pretty much in the living room (the toilet is in a separate room thankfully). The bath was glorious, it was so huge and as it was in the middle of the living space, I could happily float around while Joe watched Netflix and supplied me with wine, aka. the best thing ever.

The kitchen was so well equipped to, it was pretty much our dream set up with a huge gas oven and industrial feel to it. We took so many photos just for reference for our own home.

The communal space was also beautifully put together, the actual building is an old military hospital so the central area is so light and spacious, it would have been rude not to take a couple of outfit snaps in there! Just off the central space was a mini lobby (which we're pretty sure is a pop up showroom) for two of the Antwerp Loft apartments, this was a shared area full of books, places to relax and a bike for no particular reason.

If you want to have a nosey, take a look at Antwerp Loft on Airbnb here. We loved Antwerp too so I'll have to do another post about what we got up to in 24 hours in the city!

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