Sunday, 29 January 2017

My Tattoos

Today's post was supposed to be about my new hair but thanks to being full of cold and not looking (or feeling) anywhere near my best, I decided to save that for another day when I'm feeling less rubbish and when my hair isn't a frizz bomb. We'll definitely be able to take some snaps when we head to Bruges and Antwerp next week, I cannot wait! I just hope I can shake this bloody cold before then.

Whilst I didn't want to bare my full face, I have been meaning to do a little post about my tattoos so thought I'd bare my back instead. Plus you can still see my new cropped hair if you want a nosey!

I have two tattoos at the moment, I would love to be covered in them but I take so long deciding and making sure I want them on my body for ever, that I have years in between sessions.

My largest and most recent tattoo is a floral piece on my back, I love flowers and have wanted a flower tattoo for years but wanted one that meant something. I found out that Armelle Stb was coming to London and had a space free so I snapped up a slot and took the floral plunge. Each part of it represents someone in my family with a rose for my niece Rosie, two daisies for my sister and my other niece Ruby (to match my sister's tattoo for Ruby), blackberries for my Mum, bluebells for my Nan, a lily for my great Grandmother Lil and elderflower for my Dad, even though he hates tattoos, especially on his daughters. Due to the fact that Joe has only bought me flowers once, he has a little dotted blossom for now (hint: buy me some peonies pls Joe).

I've had my other tattoo for years and years, I still love it to this day every time I see it in the mirror. If there are any other Icelandic post-rock rock fans out there, you'll know it's from the untitled Sigur Rós album. Obviously. 

I mulled this one over for about 3 years but decided I wanted it when my mum, sister and I went to Latitude festival for the first time 10 years ago. It was one of the best weekends ever and we had so much fun, it ended with one of the best live shows I've ever seen thanks to Sigur Rós. It's my favourite Sigur Rós album and I love grammar so it seemed like the right choice! It literally took the duration of Summer of 69 on the radio to do so it could probably do with a refresh by now!

That's it for now, they're nothing crazy but I love them both. I'll keep pinning for more inspiration!

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  1. I love the idea of a different flower to represent each member of your family, it is such a beautiful tattoo. I just had a look at Armelle's instagram and her work is wonderful.. feeling very inspired to get a floral piece myself x

    nishKpatel | A Manchester life & style blog


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