Dry Ginuary

Sigh, the festive season is over and we must all return to real life. No more regular cheese and biscuits, no more Prosecco every day and the return of the feeling of hunger. It's also the inevitable Dry January, I am all for cutting down on alcohol, it's obviously horrendously bad for you, but why add another touch of punishment to an already bleak month? I've decided to take a stand and partake in Dry Ginuary, limiting my alcohol consumption to only gin.

Or maybe I won't drink any alcohol at all this month, I just don't work well with rules or labels so if I tell myself I can't drink all month, that's all I'll want to do. It's nice to give myself the option. To bring in the new year, we cracked open the December Gin Explorer box which had been hidden in moving boxes for the past few weeks, after all it would be rude not to join in with Dry Ginuary.

First up with have Black Tomato Gin, a gin actually made from tomatoes that actually kind of tastes like tomatoes. It hails from the Netherlands where the guys behind it grow their own black tomatoes, combine it with a splash of local salt water to create a solid gin with a sweet but lingering tomato taste. Garnish as you would tomato soup, with basil!

Next we have Jensen's Old Tom Gin from London. It is a recreation of a recipe from the 1840s so it's as traditional as can be. It's earthy and unsweetened with tastes of juniper, citrus and spice, just how a classic gin should be.

The garnish suggestion was rosemary but we only had thyme in the house (#middleclassproblems) but it worked a treat.

A nice local-ish gin from just down the road in Shrewsbury, this is Cucumber Gin. It is a classic London Dry Gin with a twist of cucumber, it's the perfect taste of summer - fresh, clean and crisp. It's copper distilled and uses 100% British grain, this is my favourite gin this month and I'd thoroughly recommend. This is, of course, best served with cucumber.

As much as I love a traditional gin, I'm also a sucker for a pink gin! Enter 5th Gin Fire, it's a fruity gin with a firey character. Again a classic London Dry Gin with a berry pink twist. The recommended garnish is strawberry but I thought I'd crush up some raspberries for a bit of a sharp taste, it complimented the berry taste perfectly.

And if you want to avoid alcohol all together but want the G&T flavour, try Teetotal G 'n' T which is an all natural substitute, I can't try this as I'm allergic to quinine but Joe is on the Dry January bandwagon so I'll report back once he's tried it!

Fancy joining me for Dry Ginuary? You can find out more about the Gin Explorer box on their website here.

*The Gin Explorer box was sent to me free of charge in return for an honest review, all love of gin is my own.


  1. Ginuary! What a cracking idea :) I love Jensen's Old Tom, one of my favourite gins!


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