The Ultimate Manicure and Pedicure with Margaret Dabbs

I must confess, I’m a serial nail biter. I have been since I can remember and even though I stopped around 5 years ago, when I’m stressed or scared, I slip right back into bad habits. Recently with the busiest time at work and the whole buying a house situation, you can guess that my nails aren’t in the best condition. Thankfully just before everything kicked off, I headed to Margaret Dabbs in Alderley Edge who treated my nails to the best manicure and pedicure that I’ve ever had. 

I was greeted at reception of what felt more like a luxury clinic than your usual nail bar and taken to a private room for my manicure and medical pedicure. Because Margaret Dabbs knows that her customers are really busy, pedicures and manicures can take place at the same time so you never need to be in there for too long. I was absolutely spoiled and everyone was so lovely, I’d thoroughly recommend a visit.

Both of my technicians had an incredible amount of experience, my manicurist had been in the industry for over 20 years which is just insane! She cleansed and massaged my hands to begin, then shaped my nails, buffed until they were so shiny they didn’t even need polish, then added polish in my chosen shade, which I also got to take away! Every time you have a Margaret Dabbs manicure you get the polish to take home so you can recreate the look once it’s grown out. I think that’s such a nice touch and such a good little treat.

The pedicure wasn’t just any pedicure, it was a medical pedicure. Margaret Dabbs pride themselves on only having trained podiatrists completing the pedicure treatments, which means every single one is tailored to transform your feet into the picture of health. After a summer of hiking in the Lake District and wearing heels to work pretty much every day, my poor little hooves were not in the best condition. Thankfully Tracey worked her magic on my hooves and transformed them into beautifully smooth and soft feet that I would’t have been ashamed of showing off. She took a scalpel to my feet to remove the hard skin (it magically didn’t hurt in the slightest!), filed the dry skin, trimmed and shaped my nails and used their amazing foot oil to moisturise. She recommended I left them polish free for a couple of months to help them to be as healthy as possible so I decided not to have the full pedicure with polish and start as soon as I could. It was actually a life (or maybe just foot) changing experience as I’ve added footer to my night time routine to hopefully keep them in tip top condition.

(apologies for the feet photos but I had to illustrate how happy I was with the results!)

I cannot wait until I book in for my next treatment, it was one of the best experiences I’ve had and would thoroughly recommend it. It’s also an easy peasy Christmas present as you can buy sets and vouchers, perf.

Margaret Dabbs has clinics in Alderney Edge and London, find out more on their website here.


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