My Winter Staples

Winter is definitely my season. As much as I love the sunshine of summer and the fresh air of spring, there's nothing better than getting cosy in autumn and winter. Homeware gets hygge and fashion is suddenly all layers, texture and heavy fabrics. Gone of the days of self conscious, pale bare legs and we say hello to hiding behind 180 denier tights.

This winter I have added a few key pieces to my wardrobe which instantly became staples. The beauty of moving house is discovering things that you forgot you had, this Becksondergaard hat and Gestuz coat (no sold out) were two such things. Even though I bought them both last winter, I've already worn them so much more this year. Whether it was a case of needing to get used to the idea of wearing a hat or realising I didn't look too chubby in the coat, or just a slight change in my style over the past year, something compelled me to introduce them to the rest of my wardrobe and I haven't looked back since.

My favourite new additions of the season however are my burgundy loafers from Dolcis. I've been hunting for the perfect pair of loafers for years now but never found the perfect fit, they have always been too wide, too small, too heavy, too manly or too delicate. But I finally stumbled across these tassel loafers* from Dolcis and all my wishes were answered. The finish and quality looks more high end than I'd imagined, and even my boyfriend (self confessed shoe snob) approves. They are now officially part of my weekend uniform.

Here's to adding more burgundy and grey to our wardrobes!


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