7 Airbnbs I'd Stay in if I was a Millionaire

Every single time I'm searching for a place to stay, I end up getting bored of looking at places I can actually afford and instead whacking up the maximum budget just to see what I could have if I had all the money (or didn't care about eating or getting to work etc). It's not just with places to stay, I saw some pretty impressive 16 bedroom mansions before settling on our 3 bed semi.

But instead of it being a guilty pleasure, I thought I'd make my time wasting more legit by collecting all of my favourite Airbnb destinations in one post. Warning, this post will cause wanderlust.

It a frigging castle. The inventory includes a pool, croquet and 'terraces for book reading & wine sipping', what is not to like? A snip at just £1,950 a night but it does sleep 20 people across 9 beautiful bedrooms. See more here.

This is what paradise looks like in my head. Set in the mountain over looking Lake Como, this 17th century watch tower is just beautiful. Just take a look at the other photos to see the view and you'll realise why I want to live here forever.  It also has a hot tub and a cinema, so win.

A hot tub on a lake in Iceland? Yes please. You can watch the northern lights from the living room in front of the fire if you get bored of the hot tub next to the fire pit, but why would you? It's all yours for £990 a night. Have a look here.

I couldn't leave Paris out of this list, it's one of my favourite places in the world and here's one of my favourite Airbnbs from the city. This is an absolutely beautiful apartment and I want to live in it now. That bath, that light kitchen, those dark walls... It's a dream. Step into my new house here.

This one is actually kind of affordable at £392 per night and sleeps 12 people, that's only £32 a night each which is the same price as an Ibis Budget on a Tuesday night in Salford. The five bedroom villa has a pool, air con, 4k TVs, a BBQ and 5 bedrooms. I may well just head there if I can find 11 more people equally as keen as me... Fancy joining me? Have a look here.

This is my favourite one of the lot. A Royal apartment over looking the King's gardens in Copenhagen, it sounds like one of my dreams. It looks absolutely beautiful and has been lovingly restored. Fall in love here.

I've always wanted to live in a windmill or a light house for some reason, maybe it's the challenge of finding perfectly curved furniture, we'll never know. I could live my dream for just £690 a night in this windmill in Norfolk, it sleeps 16 people and has an outside pool. It's also been done up rather nicely throughout with exposed brick work and modern fittings in this grade 2 listed building. Have a gander here.

I'm off to continue my search for the best Airbnb money can rent, as well as roping in 10-16 of my friends to come and stay with me so I can actually afford to do so.


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