On Film: The First Monday in May

For some unknown reason, I rarely talk about films on here even though I spend more time watching, researching and talking about films than I do fashion or beauty. It feels like more of an indulgence to watch a film, and because I work in fashion and beauty ecommerce, when I get home I love to escape into another world through films. Joe works in film and merchandise so he fuels our addiction with preview copies and a veritable library of SteelBooks, blu-rays and DVDs in our man cave dining room.

But a couple of weekends ago, instead of the usual barrage of action, superheroes and thrillers that usually fill our cinema trips, we went to HOME to see The First Monday in May.

The documentary follows the team at The Metropolitan Museum of Art as they prepare for the launch of their biggest ever exhibition China: Through the Looking Glass, as well as the inevitable Met Gala that accompanies each exhibition opening.

We follow the Costume Institute's curator Andrew Bolton as he develops the concept of the exhibition, works on the delivery with tens of different people, visits China to calm down people who think the exhibition doesn't show China in a favourable light and battles Anna Wintour to allow art to win.

I was entirely transfixed by this film with each sequin, each hand stitch and each swathe of fabric I was transported into their world. An undeniably bizarre, sometimes frustrating world where nothing seems to make perfect sense (apart from Anna Wintour who speaks nothing but sense throughout) and each expense seems out of this world, until it all comes together at the end in an explosion of organised chaos, luxury and glamour at the Met Ball.

For more information about the film and to find out where you can see or stream it, visit their site here. Let me know if you enjoyed this post and I may just start to post more about films!

*For complete transparency, we bagged free tickets to see this but I was not encouraged to write about it.


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