Blogging Tips: How to Save Drafts on Instagram

I haven't done a blogging tips post for a while now but I just figured out how to save drafts on Instagram so thought I'd quickly share how to do it because it's the handiest thing ever. Especially for someone like me who blogs part time and works full time, as I highly doubt anyone wants to see photos of my desk throughout the week...

Anyway, it's really simple and will make your Instagram life so much easier. Just follow these easy steps for how to save drafts on Instagram and you're sorted.

Step 1. Edit your photo and write your caption as normal.

Step 2. Go back as if you were going to get rid of the photo when you're done and the option to 'save draft' or discard will pop up. Click 'save draft' and it will be saved in a separate folder ready to go whenever you want to post it.

Step 3. To post your draft when you're ready, simply select it from your drafts folder and post as normal, easy peasy!

You can also click on 'manage' next to your drafts to see what your Instagram feed will look like which is also really handy for layouts and colour themes. Super quick post but hopefully something that you'll find useful!


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