A Day in the (real) Life

Never would I have thought I'd be starting a blog post with a photo of an iron, but here we go... Something I've noticed even more recently as we enter the busiest time at work is that I end up neglecting my blog and Instagram (and let's be fair friends, family and fitness) during the week because of the long ours we work. I end up packing everything into weekends as I just don't have time in the week.

In 'real life' I'm Head of Marketing for Boutique Beauty at The Hut Group, I look after the marketing for a few of our beauty sites Beauty Expert, Mankind and HQhair as well as managing a team of 10 people. I love my job and am more than happy to just have the weekends to focus on general life admin, seeing friends and blogging.

So I thought instead of hiding the every day, not so photogenic bits of my life, I thought I'd embrace it and show you what I get up to during the week on a standard Friday in the office. I didn't even edit the photos and took them on my phone so they're as real as can be!

A Day in the Life: Friday 21st October

5.30am: I've been up since 5 as every other Friday we present an update to the Directors on where we're up to for the month, we run through the figures as well as project updates and exciting new initiatives from the team.  I usually get up at 6 so it's a little bit earlier, but the main problem with this is having to wake Joe up and out the door! (Joe is my boyfriend, not a child btw)

6.15am: It's time to jump into the Hutmobile and head to Northwich where The Hut Group's head office is based. Nothing like a subtle hint to where I work!

9am: The meeting has just finished, it's quite an intense hour and a half of presenting and questions but the team did really well despite being a few people down this week. This is our fancy new boardroom in one of our newer buildings, I wish I'd tucked in all the chairs before I took this!

10am: After a couple of short meetings, I settle back down at my desk in our main building. We're in the process of a desk move so it's messier than I'd like and I usually have a couple more screens hooked up but welcome to my real life desk situation complete with hand cream, cold and flu relief, water bottles, Sharpies and an out of date owl calendar, the glamour!

11.30am: Because we're growing so quickly (when I started we just had the top floor of this building, now we have 4 separate buildings on this business park and warehouses around the world) meetings can be quite spread out so I snapped this after popping over to one of our other buildings for a mentor catch up with one of my mentees.

12.30pm: Joe works at The Hut Group too so whenever we can we try to get out for lunch, sadly this tends to be about once a week as we're both crazy busy but today we popped out to Waitrose to pick up some lunch as well as some cheese and crackers for Ben who sits a couple of desks down from me, I'm not sure he knows what a balanced diet is...

1.30pm: Here's a quick snap of what I was wearing in the crazy big mirror in the bathroom, I'm pretty sure it was put in for this very purpose! I'm wearing a top with floaty sleeves from Topshop, COS culottes and Dune ankle boots, pretty much my standard uniform.

2pm: After each of the updates with the Directors, I run through the pack with my team so everyone is aware of what the wider team is working on and what we need to focus on more going forward. Seeing as it was Friday I bought in some Celebrations, literally any excuse for chocolate.

4pm: As it's such a busy time with Black Friday and Christmas just around the corner, we have a lot of last minute and extra bits of design creative and photography to prioritise so I met with our Design team to discuss everything that is outstanding. It was a really productive meeting as we planned out the next few weeks worth of work, as well as having a laughing fit over something silly.

5pm: Speaking of upcoming photo shoots! We're shooting some extra bits for our Christmas campaigns to launch in December so we're in the process of picking models and planning the finishing touches at the moment. We reviewed all the options and test shoots to settle on our favourite models to book for the day.

7pm: Home time! It's pitch black already but the autumn leaves look pretty with the street lights behind. The traffic looks horrendous as one of the motorways is closed so we're contemplating dinner at the pub...

8pm: Thankfully traffic wasn't too bad so we managed to get home in an hour, it usually takes us about 45 minutes to get back to Salford so it's not too bad! We went straight to Tesco to pick up supplies (wine) for the evening. We're having a wild Friday night in!

9pm: Finally home and I've just whipped up some steak and salad, nothing like a little treat at the end of a long day!

9.30pm: I've swapped my human clothes for a huge sweatshirt, poured us both a glass of wine and settled down on the sofa to write this post. We're about to watch the new season of Black Mirror on Netflix if I can actually stay awake... (edit: I made it through the first episode and it's worth a watch!)

Leave a comment below to let me know what you think of my every day kind of post, it's a little bit different to my usual I know but hopefully you found it interesting to see what my real life is like!


  1. I'm so nosey, I love posts like this and getting to see the "real" blogger! x

  2. Love the idea of this post! So interesting to see what someones day actually consists of rather than just one curated Instagram shot, hope to see more of these in the future :)

    Jess | Jess Who


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