Saturday, 24 September 2016

The Gin Explorer Box: August

I'm not sure about you but I adore receiving post, in our ever increasing digital world there's something so satisfying about getting physical treats. What I like even more is getting gin in the post! The Gin Explorer subscription box arrives every month, much to my delight, complete with four new gins to try, two tonics and extra treats. 

I am so behind with my blog, work has been madness recently with an impromptu trip to California and Joe's birthday trip to the Lake District meaning September has been a bit of a no show over on Tweet and that I'm only just now talking about the August box. I'm bad. BUT it's too good not to talk about so here's a peek inside! Keep an eye out next week for a rather delectable Bake Off inspired gin recipe from the September box too.


The August box was a goodie with four gins, three from the UK and one from Belgium. Each gin has serving suggestions for different garnishes, this box came complete with one of the suggestions as well as sweeties, two kinds of tonic water (which I unfortunately can't try because I'm allergic to it, but Joe tells me they were delicious!) and biltong, as well as around £60 worth of vouchers.

First up was the Isle of Wight HMS Victory Navy Strength Gin (come to mama) which was paired with blood orange. As expected from the Navy Strength nod, it was an intense flavour, packed with concentrated botanical oils and heat behind it. I liked this gin but prefer the usual Isle of Wight gin over this one, maybe I'm not badass enough for a navy strength gin? Joe loved it though!

Then we had Tiger Gin, hailing from Shropshire this is a fresher, lighter gin than the Isle of Wight. It's floral, fruity, spicy with a crisp after taste. The pairing suggestion was orange which matched perfectly with the sweet orange and juniper hints in the gin itself.

On to the next, the bright and fresh Bimber London Dry Gin. With a dry finish, warm cinnamon flavours and a citrus punch. This goes superbly with lemon as it cuts through the warmth and compliments the lemon and orange notes.

The X Gin was my favourite, paired with raspberries and cocoa nibs (that were included in the box), it was absolutely delicious. It's a modern gin with touches of cocoa, vanilla, nuts and chillies. I can't wait to get a full size bottle! 

To find out more about the Gin Explorer box, visit their website here. It's a fab present but is an equally good treat for yourself every month, it's a great way to discover new gins without buying the whole bottle. It's £24.99 a month which is pretty reasonable considering what you get and there's no need to subscribe for longer than you want to, you can just order one box if you fancy it. You also get £5 off your first box by subscribing to their newsletter at the bottom of their homepage, dream.

If you order before the 5th of the month then you will receive your box between the 16th and 22nd of that month, so there's still plenty of time to get your hands on the September box which I'll be posting about very soon!

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  1. Oh my god this sounds like my ideal type of post! Need to try it!


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