Sunday, 14 August 2016

5 Ways to Get A Better Night Sleep if You're Stressed Out

The past few weeks have been the most stressful of the year so far, with quite a few changes at work including a new job for me (more to come on that in another post!) and very busy weekends, my stress and anxiety levels have been higher than usual. I'm generally a very laid back person, my life motto is 'it'll be fine' which has served me well but the stress has been affecting my sleep recently. So I've been doing some digging into a few things that can help and I thought I'd share, after all Sunday nights are always the worst for me!


I've found exercise to be one of the best ways to de-stress, after a long day at work a hit of endorphins are never a bad thing! But, because I get home late from work, I find that if I do an intense gym session without a cool down or yoga session, my brain and body don't relax which makes it hard to sleep.

I've found running, cross trainer or walking for about half an hour then 15-20 minutes of stretching, yoga or pilates works best for me. Even if you haven't done exercise, taking time to wind down with some yoga before bed will help to calm your mind, you can find loads of Youtube tutorials to make it really easy to fit into your busy life. This will also give you time to de-stress and get rid of all the thoughts of the day before you go to bed.

I'm going to be working with a personal trainer and nutritionist at Worsley Park for the next 6 weeks to kick start me into shape and help me get healthy so I'll share any tips I get!

A Good Mattress

One thing that has massively improved mine and Joe's sleep was getting a new mattress, we switched from an orthopedic mattress which we thought was doing us good to a new mattress, the difference it has made is insane! It did take a couple of weeks for me to settle into it, I had quite a bit of back pain for the first two weeks but once that was over, I've been sleeping like a baby. Take a look at Button & Sprung for a range of different mattresses.

Now that I'm an adult who has savings, thinks about pensions (srsly) and that kind of thing, mattresses and beds are actually a really important purchase. I will 100% be getting one of the beautiful upholstered beds from Button & Sprung once we get our new house, they are just beaut and you can tailor them to whatever shade or texture you like, pale pink bed frame, I'm coming for you.


Having a routine before going to bed can help you to sleep better as it gives your body time to wind down as well as triggering the familiarity of a routine. I've started extending my skincare routine to give me longer to relax before bed away from the TV or laptop, from using my Foreo every day to moisturising from top to toe. It's giving me that extra time to relax as well as improving my skin.


Something as simple as re-decorating could help you get a better night sleep. I've tried to keep our bedroom as clear as possible with just a bed and beside tables, with a very muted colour palette to make it as serene a place as possible. It's so good to have a space that is clear of clutter so your mind can be clear of clutter too, think feng shui all the way!


As hard as it can be to stop scrolling, having time away from the visual stimulation of your phone screen and away from the nasty blue light will make it easier for you to sleep. Not only this, if it's work that you're stressing about, the temptation of checking your emails can be too strong if you're playing on your phone so put it down and switch off.

*This post was sponsored by Button & Sprung but as always, all opinions are my own.

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