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4 Podcasts for Girl Bosses

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I go through phases with podcasts, from not listening to them at all to pretty much just exclusively listening to them. At the moment, I'm very much in the latter phase with my headphones in at any available time, whether it's at the gym or driving home from work.

My current favourite podcasts all have a recurring theme: they're all focused around strong, successful women with incredibly interesting stories. It all started with me happening upon Garance Doré's podcast, Pardon My French, which I instantly fell in love with. My favourite thing about these podcasts is that the stories of these women show that they were ambitious women like your or I who had an idea and made it a reality, they still do completely normal things like doubt themselves or eat a whole tub of ice cream in one sitting.

Garance Doré: Pardon My French

These podcasts are inspirational in an attainable way, I'd thoroughly recommend giving them a listen if you're in need of a motivation boost, inspiration or simply want to escape from the every day.

Garance is just too wonderful not to fall in love with, she's a delight to listen to. Pardon My French is a collection of conversations between Garance and her (rather famous and wonderful) friends about everything from relationships and marriage to therapy and fitness. It's like joining them for a glass of wine as they catch up

And if that's not enough, there's also Pocket Pardon My French which is a more bitesize conversation, usually with Garance's team in their office about everything and anything.

My favourite episodes so far include Therapy, an open discussion about therapy and how it differs from country to country (it's standard in NYC but frowned upon in England), Staying True to Yourself with Corinne Bailey Rae and Friendship x Collaboration with Clare V and Mike D.

Have a look at more episodes here, download and pretend you're one of Garance's friends.

Oh Boy by Man Repeller

Oh Boy is my new favourite podcast, I love to go for a walk to wind down after a long day at work (thank goodness for the long summer evenings) and listen to an episode to inspire myself with people's stories. It's empowering to hear stories of self discovery, success and continued passion for

My favourite episode so far is an interview with Emily Weiss, founder and CEO of Into the Gloss and Glossier. Her early life sounds so much like mine and so many of yours I'm sure, she loved magazines and knew she wanted to start her own business but wasn't sure of what or how until the idea for a blog came to her, she ran with it and is now incredibly successful, but still completely figuring it out as she goes like so many of us.

I also laughed out loud (I'm sure everyone in the park earlier thought I was a bit mad) at the Alexa Chung interview,  she's so funny, clearly doesn't care what anyone thinks of her and is still in awe that she's able to do something she loves every day. Other faves include Christene Barberich, co-founder of Refinery29 and Jenn Rogien, costume designer for Girls and OITNB.

Their interviews are basically lists of who I want to be friends with.


Nerdette embraces your inner nerd (obv) offering a safe place for some of our favourite people to nerd out about whatever subject they so desire, whether it's table tennis, books, gnomes, sudoko, Ru Paul, feminism, science, sex, Game of Thrones, Star Trek... Pretty much everything.

Everyone is nerdy about something and this podcast allows you to fully immerse yourself in someone's interests. There are some great people who have been featured including my fave Rob Delaney to Caitlin Moran, Nick Hornby, Tavi Gevinson (insert hearts for eyes emoji here), Judah Friedlander and many more. Have a look at the full back catalogue here and enjoy the nerdy goodness.

Girlboss Radio with Sophie Amoruso

It would be rude not to include the woman who coined the term #girlboss, this podcast is what you'd expect, Sophie Amoruso interviewing fellow Girl Bosses and it's rather wonderful. It's frivolous, fun, inspiring and endlessly interesting. Join Sophie and her interviewees from CEOs and comedians to activists and screenwriters, it offers an insight into the girl behind the boss.

Find out more and listen here, I cannot recommend it enough!

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